New Video Strange Plasma UFO UAP Sightings



Here we have a video of several different Unidentified Flying Object encounters.

First, in a heavy rainstorm, which France has not had in 20 years, extra large snowballs fell, causing property damage. The storm frightened France’s citizens during the evening.

In Hawaii, two baffling UFOs appeared in a plasma state within a restricted air space.

Grove City, Ohio, an unidentified yellow “shining flying craft” was spotted slowly maneuvering in the clouds.

Additionally, in Grove City, Ohio during the evening, another UFO was seen radiating brilliantly green, looking like a neon light, also maneuvering overhead.

Lastly this sighting occurred over Glendale, Arizona. During a Hot air Balloon Show, an intelligent controlled UAP was seen floating around and between the Balloons.

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