Several New and Unique UFO cases

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UFO News: Every experience gives one more piece of the riddle and offers new bits of knowledge into the reality of this Phenomena. This video presents five new and unique cases, each happening inside a little sweep of the other. Each case in this contact group contains weird and significant components which outline specific parts of conduct.

December 1968, Paul Allione ventures outside his home in Palos Verdes, California. He notices an uncommon series of lights floating at a low height over the Santa Catalina Channel. He gets his walkie-talkie and endeavors to connect. Incredibly, he hears a boat’s correspondence discussing the locating as it is happening. He before long discovers that he isn’t the main observer to this Sighting, and many individuals see exactly the same thing.

April 1975, George Gray is driving west on the Santa Monica Freeway when he sees a bizarre, enlightened object sending down bright light emissions. At the point when the object darts across the sky, he understands he’s seeing a real Unidentified Flying object. He promptly endeavors to clairvoyantly speak with the craft, sending it messages of adoration. Shockingly, the craft appears to answer and comes zooming towards him. George pulls over along the Pacific Coast Highway and has a nearby experience that he will always remember.

Summer, 1980, Donald and Bonnie X. and their kids (and neighbors) all view a unidentified flying object. It appeared as a red, shining object quietly floating over their home in Santa Monica. They view the Object through optics and are flabbergasted to see that this craft is semi-roundabout in shape, and fixed overhead. Indeed, even with optics, they can’t recognize it. It’s something they’ve never seen or since. And afterward, after two days, they get inconceivable affirmation of their locating from a source extremely up close and personal. View Five Reported UFO Cases From California Video Here

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