A New UFO UAP Report Retired F-18 Pilot


NYUFO: UFO UAP News Report: A resigned F-18 Marine Corps pilot was flying a contracted personal luxury plane on the way to Maui on 8-18-22. He experienced five red, maneuvering rapidly illuminated bright lights that paced his airplane for 15 minutes and performed round movements aside and over his aircraft. This is a very recent report, yet we have pre-delivered ATC radar tape and radio correspondence with Los Angeles Center, ADS-B chronicled information, and film from inside the cockpit. Furthermore two other aircraft flights announced seeing the UFOs once they landed. We’re looking for data from any travelers or pilots on different trips nearby. For any media, inquire contact Ben Hansen through benhansen.com. Credit: source David Haith

Governments Prelimary-Assessment UAP 20210625 PDF

“The UAP documented in this limited dataset demonstrate an array of aerial behaviors,
reinforcing the possibility there are multiple types of UAP requiring different explanations. Our
analysis of the data supports the construct that if and when individual UAP incidents are resolved
they will fall into one of five potential explanatory categories: airborne clutter, natural
atmospheric phenomena, USG or industry developmental programs, foreign adversary systems,
and a catchall “other” bin. With the exception of the one instance where we determined with
high confidence that the reported UAP was airborne clutter, specifically a deflating balloon, we
currently lack sufficient information in our dataset to attribute incidents to specific explanations.”

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