A Strange Attraction with UFOs & Paranormal


NYUFO: UFO News: James Smith McDonnell named the larger part of his tactical fighter airplanes after powerful mythical demons & paranormal phantoms. Furthermore, McDonnell compensated Cornell University Ph.D. graduate, Dr. Robert M. Wood, for his endeavors in figuring out the workings of recovered UFOs.

Odd enough was brought about from the gleanings of Stanton T. Friedman and his examination of clairvoyant control and remote viewing. The McDonnell Aircraft Corporation was an American aviation producer situated in St. Louis, Missouri. The organization was established on July 6, 1939, by James Smith McDonnell, and was most popular for its tactical aircraft.

All of which include the F-4 Phantom II, a manned space vehicle including the Mercury and Gemini capsules. McDonnell Aircraft later converged with the Douglas Aircraft Company to shape McDonnell Douglas in 1967. In 1943, McDonnell started creating jets when offered to bid in a US Navy challenge and fabricated the FH-1 Phantom in the post-war period. The Phantom presented McDonnell’s planned version of motor engines placed ahead under the fuselage and left simply behind the wing.

Finally a design that was utilized effectively on the F2H Banshee, F3H Demon, and the F-101 Voodoo. David S. Lewis joined the organization as Chief of Aerodynamics in 1946. He drove the improvement of the F-4 Phantom II in 1954, which entered into administration in 1960. Lewis became Executive Vice President in 1958, and lastly became President and Chief Operating Officer in 1962.

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