Latest New Massive UFO Startles Many Onlookers


NYUFO: As of late, a gathering of fascinating video recordings of an unidentified three-sided flying UFO has been circulating. Described with brilliant lights, a group of onlookers is taking pictures and recordings of this over Santa Monica, California.

An alternate arrangement of recordings has appeared, in which the unidentified flying object seems to maneuver in secret behind clouds.

And a craft showed up in the photographs and recordings as a triangle, with three huge lights at the sides of the triangle. A little fourth light in the center can be seen.

The UFO shows up in certain shots in video straight over the onlookers.

Next in another fascinating shot, one light shows up overhead and afterward flies alone to find two different lights and make the triangle shape that shows up in the video.

Furthermore the three-sided shape craft has been known from the start of recording UFO sightings. Furthermore, some of them are mentioned, in the government’s Project Blue Book.

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