Now Soaring New UFO & Weather Phenomena


NYUFO: We are experiencing a surge in flooding and heat waves across over planet. And more UFO sightings of puzzling peculiarities in various locales.
Watch this presented video for these and more mysterious phenomena occurring right now across the planet.

High over Sierra Vista, Arizona, an orange illuminated Cloud was in a strange manner. Then what appeared to be five unidentified craft concealed in this splendid Cloud.
Within the Hampton Bays, New York, a strange orange ball of light dropping close to a house.

Puyallup Washington State, a tremendous sized aerial object was maneuvering from behind a mountain at extraordinary speed.

Lastly over Cullman Alabama, a Large Unidentified Aerial Object was seen transmitting a green light, joined by two strange UFOs enlightened in dazzling white.

What’s more these reports and other strange sightings are seen worldwide. See Fox News for more UFO Videos. Latest Breaking UFO News Update August 21,2022/ A Must Watch Now Video Mysterious UFO in the plasma state in Las Vegas and Strong storm continued in Italy

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