UFOs New Surge in Bizarre Weather & More


NYUFO: We are witnessing a Massive Global bizarre climate phenomena worldwide. A surge in torrential downpours and tropical storms go on in numerous locales all over the planet.

Reported over Durango, Colorado, a bright glimmering UFO was seen, arriving close to a calf on a homestead. This craft started from the side of this slope, and gradually slipped down towards the ground, making a beeline for the calf.

The object was a mass of radiant bluish light, dissimilar to any illuminated variety we had seen previously, as indicated by an on looker’s account.

The UFO gradually moved toward the calf until it settled on top of it in an astonishing scene.

The unidentified flying object stayed fixed in one place for a while, before getting back to the sky in a similar course from which it came, until it vanished behind the clouds.

Luckily the calf was not harmed, however, the scene is very strange. The craft or object isn’t similar to anything we have seen previously. It was described as round like a cap, as per the observer’s portrayal. It’s noteworthy to mention that there was no sound just a mass of light flying overhead. Mysterious Lighting UFO landed near a calf on a farm after a rainy storm in Colorado

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