What Is A UFO Breathing Pool?


NYUFO: Is it true or not that abductees swim inside UFOs?
It is among the most abnormal of occasions taken into an extraterrestrial craft. They are set in an aquarium-like tank and made to inhale a thick coagulated fluid. Numerous researchers have examined cases like these: David Jacobs, Barbara Lamb, Yvonne Smith, and others. While there are a few hypotheses, the specific motivations behind the UFO breathing pool stay obscure.

This video presents more than twelve instances of abductees who have encountered the UFO breathing pool. How is it to be put into this strange fluid? What sort of fluid is it? How are individuals capable of inhaling this fluid regardless and staying alive? Furthermore there are currently an adequate number of reported cases to give an image of this bizarre methodology and its purposes. Finally If you’d like to learn More about the UFO Breathing Pool, please check out Chapter Eight of my book, “Not from Here: Volume Two,” now available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/153280458X/…

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