UFO Classified With Erica Lukes


NYUFO: UFO Classified with Erica Lukes dives deep not only into the mysteries of the UFO phenomenon, but the politics, disinformation, and history of the subject.

Erica Lukes has undying compassion for the Secrets of the universe, especially UFO reports and other peculiar flying phenomena. Ever since adolescence, she has been captivated by the symbolism of what vehicles and creatures from space could look like. She sought after this interest unobtrusively yet earnestly. During the year 2014 she fostered her programming and interview methods of known figures in this subject.

She was previously the State Director for The Mutual UFO Network and dealt with many cases as the American Airlines 434 sighting that accumulated global consideration. Erica is the guardian of the Western UFO Archive.

She has appeared on numerous TV shows, such as UFOs: The Lost Evidence on The Travel Channel Network


Ancient Aliens on the History Channel

Strange Evidence on The Science Channel

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