NYUFO This Date August 23 1965


NYUFO Report: During this pinnacle time of UFO activity in the United States there was a surge of reports that year. Shortly after 12:30 p.m. Rex Heflin, an Orange County, California traffic monitor reported a UFO Sighting. Working nearby at the El Toro Marine Base close to Santa Ana, California, he took three photos of a metallic looking disk-shaped object. In addition, a fourth of a smoke ring he said was related with the object.

Mr.Heflin took photographs with a Polaroid camera that he utilized in his region examination work.
Furthermore he assessed that the craft he captured on film was 30 feet in width and quiet. There are those who have scrutinized the truthfulness of his story throughout the years. Mr.Heflin was known as something of a prankster by those he was related to in his work. NYUFO: Reported Sightings

Source: UFO Chronology Map and Index Guide Book, Allan Manak and Rick Hilberg 1996. Edited for SEO.

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