Three UFO Surprising Unusual Video Capture


Steve Barone shot this video from his lawn in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada. On November fifteenth, 2016, he was outside with his Canon camcorder and Luna Optics night vision monocular. While noticing the night sky around Las Vegas as he usually did back then. He was trusting that something would happen that evening, and it did.

He took two recordings of similar three UAPs and ultimately gave them to MUFON. Steve shot one video with a Canon camcorder and the other with a Luna Optics night vision monocular. The threesome of objects looked like a plane coming directly at him until the division between the lights started getting away from one another while gradually traveling west over the Muddy Mountains beyond Las Vegas.

He was lucky enough to get the two cameras on them more often than not. The occasion endured roughly seventeen minutes and finished when the three lights became mixed up in the lights on the ground either at or close to Nellis AFB.

Eventually, the two recordings were examined and considered to be unidentified. Two evenings prior, he caught the two recordings Jaime Maussan with his TV group had been at my home doing (streaming) live skywatches for Tercer Milenio TV in Mexico City. Jaime was in Las Vegas two days ahead of schedule for the occasion he could be with me at my home.

He wish the timing would have been exceptional so Jaime Maussan and his group might have been there to see and film this unimaginable objects. Steve has high regards for Jaime Maussan and value’s him for how he helped him. When Steve was his visitor at that Starworks gathering, Jaime shocked him with a show of his videos and called Steve in front of an audience with him. Steve assumed he was simply there since we were companions. Steve was amazed by what he did. Surprising Strange Video Capture Of Three UAPs NYUFO NEWS

Case 94019 Submitted: 08-10-2018 Date of the occasion: 11-15-2016

MUFON Investigator Summary and Conclusions:

A specialist has checked out this video a few times. It shows three lights that are practically playing in their maneuvers. They stay in a similar region for more than 30 minutes in this video. Steve decided that they are Unknown others. Conceivably a UAV. Obscure OTHER/UAV. This post was edited from the original text for SEO purposes.

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