Strange Things In The Sky


NYUFO News: Strange Things In The Sky: A retired air traffic controller and FAA liaison to the military gives first-hand insights into the UAP UFO Phenomena subject.

“Colin Scoggin, you to feel like they are simply keeping things from you.”

That is how Colin Scoggins depicts the U.S. military’s reaction to an expected unidentified elevated peculiarity (UAP) located during his experience with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center. Scoggins is currently resigned, yet his recountings of different cases when he and his partners saw baffling blips on their radars or heard reports of sightings are immortally fascinating.

Scoggins started his vocation with the U.S. Flying corps, dealing with warrior jets like the F-4 Phantom as a team boss. When he got out, he began school at West Virginia University. Next he worked part-time at a neighborhood bar to take care of the bills. He met three air traffic regulators (ATC). From who were working the shift at Morgantown Municipal Airport in the spring of 1981.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena & UFOs procedures Scoggins said he followed a general standard. Reporting anything he had seen or received records of to the group’s boss. Who would then give it to the Department director. He said it was likewise methodology to report it to the military. And for Scoggins, that implied reaching the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS).

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