The Rare Surprising UFO Case Of Sergeant Herb Schirmer


NYUFO News: It was during the 1960s that the Air Force chose to recruit a college to make a fair-minded investigation of UFOs. To decide whether there was a justification for the Air Force to keep exploring them. The purported Condon Committee at the University of Colorado was created and started its work in 1967.

The Condon group may have been a setup from the groups beginning. For neither the Air Force nor Condon wanted to make a genuine objective examination. Furthermore, this is significant on December 3, 1967, during the analytical period of the examination project. A cop in the local area of Ashland, Nebraska, revealed that he had seen a machine near the ground. The craft was hovering something like six or eight feet over the parkway. At which he turned on his headlights the saucer-molded object lit up. At which it shifted vertical, and after an alarm like commotion lifted and disappeared.

Then Sergeant Herb Schirmer opened his vehicle door to look as the craft rose. Next the craft began to ramble a fire-hued material from under it. What’s more he would later agree that he saw a column of seven windows, oval molded and around two feet across. In addition he said he saw a catwalk around the craft. Underneath the windows, the outer layer of the craft was aluminum that shined splendidly in mirrored light. Read More On The Schirmer UFO Abduction Case Here

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