Pyramid UFO Now On The New Surprising Video

New York UFO News: More New UFO Sightings have recently occurred across the globe recent weeks. Now we have the return of the Pyramid Shaped Craft appearing over Mexico City in the daylight hours.

In addition the UFO was at a medium level overhead. There several witnesses saw the presence of a sparkling illuminated pyramid craft. This Object was yellow and orange in its light.

Infrared Photo Of a Pyramid Shaped UFO

Noteworthy to mention that this type of UFO was reported over Russia, and the US Navy recorded a Pyramid Shaped Object. USS Russell off the coast of San Diego in July 2019. “In 2019 the US Navy photographed and filmed “PYRAMID” shaped UFOs and advanced trans-medium vehicles; here is that footage. This is only part of the story and visual evidence pertaining to UFO / UAP incursions by Unknown Advanced Trans-medium Vehicles (UATVs) engaging our US Navy warships.”

Notwithstanding the modest number of this sort of UFO sightings, it is enlisted in more than one data set of UFO shapes.

Finally the Mexico City flying object showed up as a pyramid shape and had a base encompassed by brilliant lights. And the highest point of the pyramid likewise contained illuminated lights. Also another type of craft that has been widely reported are Black Triangle craft. Black triangles are UFOs reported as having a triangular shape and dark color, typically observed at night, described as large, silent, hovering, moving slowly, and displaying pulsating, colored lights which they are able to turn off.

Equally important was The Belgian UFO wave beginning within November 1989. The first events of 29 November were documented and reported by over thirty different groups of witnesses, and three separate groups of police officers. All of the reports related a large black object flying at low altitude. The craft was of a flat, triangular shape, with lights underneath. This giant craft did not make a sound as it slowly moved across the landscape of Belgium.

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