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UFO Orangeburg South Carolina January 6 2022

The UFO Sighting witness stated the following: "Went out for a smoke and took pictures of the front yard, as I see frequent UFO activity and like to record proof. I have seen many UFOs that were far off but this was the first time anything has come so close. the craft came from the tree line pulsing…

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Real UFO UAP Sightings Captured on Video Over Japan 1-16-22

This is UFO UAP videos and images are captured by Automatic Observation and Imaging Device Robot “SID-1®” that developed by the “Space Phenomena Observatory Center(SPOC) ™©”(Tokyo Japan). I am the founder of “Space Phenomena Observatory Center(SPOC) ™©” Tokyo Japan. And I am also a staff of “JSPS™©”…

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Top Twenty UFO Sightings Encounters in Arizona 11622

While UFO Sightings encounters occur all across the planet, some places are more active than others. One such location is the state of Arizona. The Grand Canyon State has produced some of the world's most famous and influential encounters.
After reviewing thousands of UFO cases from Arizona, I hav…

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