Small Rounded Shape Spinning Motion Short Antennas UFO Report

This recent UFO Sighting was observed when the witness walked outside their warehouse on their 3 pm break. The UFO Sighting was across the drive about 30 feet above the small hill across from the warehouse distance of about 150 feet from the witness. UFO  was rotating and not moving, was cha...

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UFO Disk Reported Over Washington State

I was getting ready to go out to do my evening chores I live on a small farm while I was still inside, I noticed a dramatic line of black clouds. When I walked out onto my driveway I looked up to look at the line of black clouds and saw a white UFO disc traveling from east to west above the tree ...

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Malibu Underwater UFO Base Anomaly Reported

Deep underwater, a few miles off the coast of Malibu, California, lies a massive and mysterious stone structure. With a large flat top and what appears to be giant columns and an entrance into a dark tunnel, the "Malibu Anomaly" has become famous across the world. Some say that it's a natural geo...

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Black Acorn Shape UFO

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