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New Type UFO Sighting Reported Needle Shaped with plume over Maine

On 11/10/2021 at approx. 4:10 pm upon looking up into the sky while entering the parking lot, saw a dark needle-like UFO Sighting in the western sky appearing to be headed in a northward direction. The UFO Sighting appears to be large and at a considerable distance from my vantage point. UFO was ...

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New Documents the UK MOD Military Knows What UAPs Are? Watch Video

The UK Military have been investigating UAP for decades. They commissioned a senior RAF scientist to summaries all the findings. Crash data, artefacts, radar images, advanced craft technology, plasma drive vehicles, human effects, Earthlights. Researcher David Clarke got the Secret MOD repor...

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Long Cylindrical UFO with 15 symmetrical windows Reported Missouri

Two observers witnessed the UFO sighting on 03 Dec 2021 at 6:09 pm. observer #1 (female 64) has a master's degree in orthodontics. Observer #2 male 59 has an engineering degree with aerospace, automotive, and medical device experience. both observers witnessed the same UFO sighting: one larg...

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