UFO Sighting Described As Shiny Cylinder with slow rotation

over Pennsylvania on September 11, 2021 at around 3:30 - 3:45 pm. The UFO Sighting was a somewhat shiny shape in an up and down orientation. It appeared stationary and I could see it had a slow rotation to it because it had some kind of bump out pro…

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UFO Sighting of three Tic Tac UFO’s flying over Hodgkins Il

There were no clouds outside at the time it happened at about 6:52PM. There were clouds in area at around 4PM. It was a perfect blue sky at 6:52PM. I noticed like a white tic-tac shaped UFO Sighting moving super slow while it was flying as high as yo…

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Three UFOs with blinking lights appeared over Florida lake

My boyfriend and I were out on a dock at the lake in our community at 9:15pm. We had clear visibility as the moon was almost full, there were street lights near by, and a lit fountain in the center of the lake. We were looking at the stars when one w…

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