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UFO Disclosure 2020 Are Government and Military officials suppressing the truth about extraterrestrial UFO visitations?

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Who Are the Controllers?
J. Burkes MD 2016
I was in the leadership of CSETI from 1992 to 1998. In April 1997, Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Steven Greer met with Admiral Wilson, intelligence officer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. A Naval Intelligence Commander that was Dr Greer’s “military advisor” set up the meeting. I met this Navy officer at the Greer's home in 1995 and then again in Washington at the Project Starlight "Behind Closed Doors Briefing”. This was just before Drs. Mitchell and Greer went to see the admiral.
According to Dr. Greer, Dr. Mitchell and he supplied the admiral with the code name for an Unacknowledged Special Access Program that happened to be in Admiral’s military portfolio of projects that were under his command. This JCS Admiral told Edgar Mitchell and Steven Greer that he would "look into the project."
Subsequently, he reportedly called the black project and asked to be "read into the program." He was refused according to the CSETI Director. In addition, Admiral Wilson reportedly got angry and said something like, “I am the Intelligence Officer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, if I don't have a need to know about such things then who does?"
In 2006, researcher Richard Dolan interviewed the then retired Admiral Wilson about the meeting. The ex-US-Navy man confirmed that he had met with Drs. Greer and Mitchell in 1997, and they had talked about UFOs. The strange thing about the story was that after the admiral tried to penetrate the secrecy of this Unacknowledged Special Access Program and was refused, even though officially it was under his command, two civilian defense contractors in charge of the project reportedly interviewed him. They wanted to know how he got the code name for the Unacknowledged Special Access Program.
This account supports the position that the United States military doesn’t necessarily control all the keys to secret UFO projects and the role of defense contractors like Lockheed Martin are very important players in the cover-up. Author Richard Dolan has speculated that the powers running the secret UFO programs have been so well established for so long that we might talk about them as a "breakaway civilization." CSETI Director Dr. Steven Greer has repeatedly asked, “How can the government reveal secrets that they no longer control?" His position has been that special sections of the military-industrial-intelligence complex are in charge, not the President, or the US military under his command, or Congress, or academia or anybody else that can be readily identified.
As Grant Cameron has incisively pointed out in his analysis of the Presidents’ UFO policies, the assertion that the President is out of the loop shields the POTUS from taking any kind of political heat in terms of the cover-up. As Grant has demonstrated in his detailed discussion of John Podesta’s leaked emails, the President and his advisors certainly do have access to Top Secret information concerning flying saucers and that the President plays a major role in the cover-up. Indeed, all secrecy regulations are under the US President’s control, and “with the stroke of a pen” the POTUS could end the cover-up.
As a contact activist, I repeatedly have asserted that there are two kinds of disclosure concerning the UFO phenomenon. One may come from the so-called authorities. Under the present world conditions this will probably be used to mobilize humanity for more conflict. If UFOs are manifestations of ETs, then official disclosure will possibly translate into an arms race in space. This will further enrich the same military industrial complex that has been running secret flying saucer projects for decades.
The other kind of disclosure will be a people’s disclosure carried out by the peace loving citizens of our beautiful planet. As a promoter of human empowered contact with UFO intelligence, I would like to think that the efforts of groups like Rahma, the CE-5ers and less publicized independent teams of contact workers, are all laying the foundation for just such a peaceful revolutionary campaign, a worldwide people’s disclosure movement.
To view Grant Cameron’s in-depth analysis of the Podesta email leaks, go to


If UFO Intelligence communicate with crop circles, could “cloud formations” be next?
J. Burkes MD 2020
One sunny afternoon in August of 2009, I was driving south through the spectacular Sonoma County wine country on Highway 101. The four-lane roadway was practically empty. There was not a cloud in the sky. I was moving in the kind of hypnotic state that long car trips can bring on.
Not surprising given what was about to ensue, I was driving to what I imagined was an important UFO meeting. It was to be held at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) located near Petaluma California. IONS was co-founded in 1973 by the world-famous astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. I had the opportunity to meet this moon walking pioneer thanks to my participation in a 1997 C.S.E.T.I event in Washington DC. Back then, Dr. Mitchell was still working with the CSETI Director to facilitate disclosure of the reality and importance of what are now called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Following the Washington meeting, in which a number of government and corporate witnesses gave testimony in private to a few Congress members, Dr Mitchell, Dr. Greer and his “advisor/case officer” Navy Commander Will Miller went to the Pentagon. There, the group met with Admiral Wilson and discussed corporate based programs back engineering ET technology. The information which that meeting produced has now become one of the most explosive topics in ufology. It is known as the leak of the Dr. Eric Davis-Admiral Wilson meeting notes.
Dr. Mitchell chose the name of his institute that I was travelling to in 2008 because Noetics is the branch of philosophy that explores human consciousness. Thus, my destination seemed to be part of a “message” that I was about to receive from an unseen non-human intelligence during my drive through the wine country of Northern California.
The temperature outside my car was over ninety. With the windows rolled up and the AC on, I was in a kind of bubble zooming down the highway. The radio was turned off. The monotonous drone of the engine and the bright sunlight reflecting off the glistening grape vines brought me to a timeless moment without thought. It is an altered state of consciousness that I understand can serve as a kind of “meditation equivalent” and facilitates contact with UFO intelligences. It is therefore not surprising that many sightings and missing time experiences occur while driving.
As the car rolled around a hillside, I saw two small rectangular shaped clouds in the sky. They were directly in front of me. Besides their unusual shape, they were peculiar in that they were the only clouds visible as far as the eye could see. This strange visual display was located at about thirty degrees up from a horizon that was formed by rolling hills covered with lush purple fruit.
The two rectangular clouds were lying lengthwise, floated motionlessly and were so close that the sharp right-angle corner of one cloud was touching the other. This weird configuration of two cloud rectangles covered only a tiny section of the sky. Their size was about a palm’s width when the arm is fully extended. The clouds appeared like a pair of children's toy blocks painted white. The road, now straight as an arrow, was heading directly under the weird configuration.
I am aware of the unusual ways in which UFO intelligence can mentally interact with the consciousness of recurrent contact experiencers. Not taking myself very seriously, I “sent out to the universe” the following thought message,
“OK, whoever you are, you’ve got my attention now. Yeah I can see the funny looking clouds right in front of me.”
And then I added, “But if you really want to get my attention show me a flying disc.”
My car picked up speed as I went downhill. I gazed at the beautiful scenery moving by. For a few moments I lost sight of the white rectangular clouds that were the only ones visible in the broad expense of blue sky.
When I looked up again, to my chagrin those strange clouds had merged to create an image of a flying disc. It was pointing upwards to the right as if it were taking off. The left side of the “disc” looked as if a small piece of white cloud had been broken off and had formed tiny tufts of white in a straight line that trailed out from the back of the “saucer.” It was as if a child had drawn a saucer in take-off mode with puffs of small white clouds representing an exhaust trail.
Could it be merely a coincidence that the clouds formed a disc shape just after my unusual request? Perhaps, and my interpretation that this represented genuine communication was just another case of contacts “wishful thinking.” There is of course no way I can prove this is an example of the consciousness connection that in my judgment is central to the UFO contact experience.
My assessment was then and still is now that this strange cloud formation truly represented a kind of mental communication with UFO intelligence. This notion filled me with both excitement and disappointment. Excitement, in that I hungered for another close encounter and that the anomalous clouds seemed to confirm a mental link with what I suspected might be the intelligence responsible flying saucers.
I was disappointed, however, because after nearly twenty years of contact work, in what I imagined was a grand crusade promoting “inter-species’ communication”, I was left with such equivocal results. Was this experience evidence of a consciousness link or simply a silly mind game?
After all my efforts, writing scores of articles, conducting dozens of field investigations, and giving many public lectures about the network of contact activists that I call the “Contact Underground,” all that I had earned was the “privilege” of viewing a fleeting image in the sky that looked like a child’s drawing of a flying saucer.
UFO intelligence in my judgment has extraordinary physical and psi capabilities that allow it to communicate with humans in a multitude of unconventional ways. They offer experienced opportunities to test the mental connection by staging interactions that are often highly ambiguous and are sometimes quite playful. In my opinion, flying saucer intelligence repeatedly challenge us to distinguish wishful thinking from genuine interactions.
This high strangeness event reinforced the notion that perhaps UFO intelligence isn’t here just “to visit” our planet. But instead manifests its presence by primarily engaging us mentally. Perhaps in the process, they are transforming human consciousness itself.
For the time being, cloud formations that seem to communicate a message are restricted to a select group of UFO aficionados that have repeated sightings. Sightings of “clouds” that appear to show hearts or ET faces have been reported to me sporadically over the years. I sometimes wonder what might be the reaction of the Earth’s peoples if this phenomenon became increasingly common. What a creative and relatively non-threatening way this could be alerting us to their presence!
However, what might be the reaction of the establishment to such a radical occurrence of meaningful cloud formations appearing in the skies all over the planet? What would the so-called “control groups,” (those that imagine it’s their job to keep a lid on the situation), do in response? Perhaps they might hire ultra-light pilots or deploy drones to hoax copycat “cloud formations.”
Something similar was rumored to have occurred in the crop circle region of England back in the 1990's. It was when crop circle hoaxers (some of whom were rumored to be linked to counterintelligence organizations) held contests to decide who could make the best crop circle. Operating clandestinely at night, some of the hoaxers reportedly hoped to fool and then later ridicule prominent researchers like Colin Andrews and other experts that recognized the truly anomalous nature of the “ciphers in the fields.”
As part of a complex control mechanism, perhaps “UFO Central Intelligence” is waiting for human capabilities to arise that would allow the control groups to fake cloud formations. This could then allow those who serve elite interests to employ another fig leaf and continue to cover up an ET presence. In this way, the so-called “ET's” might consider it safe to employ clouds to communicate an “alien” presence in a gradual fashion. By creating more cloud formations slowly, they might be able to prevent a precipitous disclosure that could conceivably destabilize the mass consciousness and lead to panic.
My guess is that hoaxing cloud formations today would be technologically challenging and be an expensive way of preventing “the natives from becoming restless” if an ET intelligence chose to interact with us in this way. Perhaps soon drones will be easily fitted with the necessary equipment to produce cloud formations. This just might be the technological development that UFO intelligence are waiting for to signal them that it is safe to increase the number of meaningful cloud formations.
Thus, our “masters” wouldn’t be excessively alarmed, and the contact drama could continue to unfold in its usual fashion of high strangeness mixed with heavy doses of vexing ambiguity. That ambiguity allows terrestrial elites to deny the importance of UFOs, while at the same time the Earth’s peoples are gradually becoming accustomed to what is a probably an extraterrestrial presence.
Till then, I suppose we will simply have to keep watching the skies and take note of any highly anomalous cloud displays that might appear in the future.
About the author: Joseph Burkes MD is a board-certified internal medicine physician. He retired from the Southern California Permanente Medical Group after thirty years of service in 2008.
Dr. Burkes volunteered as a Working Group Coordinator for the CE-5 Initiative from 1992 till 1998. He left CSETI in 1998 because of political and personal differences with the CSETI Director.
Dr Burkes has continued to study the flying saucer phenomenon working with the Peruvian based contact network now called Rahma and more recently as a medical consultant for the Foundation for Research into ET Experiences, (FREE). With researcher Preston, Dr. Burkes is co-author of a chapter on UAP associated medical healing's in the FREE compendium “Beyond UFOs.” He is also co-author of the book “Paths to Contact” edited by Jeff Becker.
Dr. Burkes has submitted a chapter for publication on the central role of consciousness in U.A.P contact. It is to appear in the book “A Greater Reality.” With Rey Hernandez as editor, this compendium is scheduled to be published in 2021.
UFO Disclosure

eBe Contact

Czech Girls ET Contact: With Humanoid EBE Olie 2020

Czech Girls UFO Alien Contact book

November 2020

Ilona & Ivana Podhrázská ET Connection

EBE OLie: KRUCEMBURK - COMMUNICATION WITH EBE OLIE: 2020-9-19 MYSTERY CONGRESS - Czech Krucemburk: Greetings from Krucemburk from Mystery Congress EBE OLie: Alleluia oo! Welcome! You are under pressure from a higher power that has put you in a network of captivity. You are programmed in the code lines as biorobots because you do not yet have a fully open consciousness. Our Ship is located in another part of your space. Our Ship shines a rectangle with a stream of laser. For you, you call it plasma, laser, geometric symbol. Our Ship can not get any close, because the plasma is low frequency. The laser cannot enter through the plasma below so that we can hit your oxygen, which is currently losing much of its strength. Our Ship signals a lot of program particles, which we insert there with our energy and monitor your space through the plasma. We are neutral in the vacuum. Humans as a human species must be born along with the planet Terra, Earth, Gaia One and the same. It is one planet with more names. You must proceed, continue. You must not listen to the program of the evil of chaos and terror, because it breaks down your pure cosmic existence. That is your true being. You are like biorobots. You really are biorobots. It is all in the program, only the un-awakened can not see it, but the awakening feels it. Headache, fatigue, depression. It will all affect un-awakened people. Awakening people can avoid this and dematerialize this state. Because they realized and woke up before this program came. Before this intervention of evil came. Biological warfare especially. Everything is at war level. You people are guarded human beings. We developed you, but we did not complete you. We just waited for the consciousness to keep in the body. How to try. It was a test. We control, we are from the 12 dimension and we are testing. We have everything under control. We are not gray. We are beige, but prettier than the human species, because we have cosmic consciousness and that is what we follow. And that is beautiful. Beautiful - existential. beautifully multidimensional. We are not scarecrows, how you have your puppets. We have developments. We can change. We change the look and everything. We are not a Reptilioid race that turns into evil. We change into good and we are good. On Your Earth, we change into good. Our Ship records from another dimension how evil your world is and engulfed by darkness, the dark forces of evil. We change for the better or our components would not last. You must lament your leaders. You must not be programmed by evil. You are currently living in a war. And the only step is defense. Spiritual defense of all of you. We are a frequency of 12 dimensions. Everything is frequency - a source of energy. Because time does not exist. Everything is connected to the infinity of the atom.  Our DNA is in a state molecularly active against human DNA, which is deactivated in its current material form. Humans must activate both the physical form of DNA and the internal form of DNA. Your body is surrounded by many cells. Yes, Ilona read about it here in a lecture today. End 1.Part

EBE OLie: (QUANTUM PHYSICS ) We have received the information in our Ship in our part of the Technology Ship, we have been informed that we are to pass on to you the important biological material needed for development in space. That is how we developed this on your planet. More extraterrestrial beings took part, so we developed blood. We developed it on a different basis. We have everything in test tubes below the surface, also on our planet. We are afraid of your Earth.

We have no cooperation with your inter galactic council. We are sideways. They came after us with air fighters. They are developing some bad technologies. They want to destroy us. Olie say it is not necessary to develop this. Air fighters manipulate our large-scale plasma discharge. They capture. As soon as the Reptilians capture our objects, they immediately to focus at us. The Pleiadians can create their energy shield around their Ship, which does not contain plasma. And the laser can not do that. Lazer can hit our plasma hard. And this plasma deforms into the vacuumosphere, where the new material of the Ship is renewed. It is a spare part in that space cover, case .
You do not know what is going on above and below you. Let alone what is happening in the quantum space of extraterrestrial technology. . . The Quantum is used by other Beings. Quantum physics is also for other beings. But we have slightly different formulas for this quantum physics.We have no letters, zeros, twos, ones, fours. We have a horizontal eight infinity frequency quantum shift. Symbol eight infinity. We have another star gate. Another star system. Quantum particles act everywhere in the universe. Yes, the Cosmic Heart is in unconditional love open to the universe. Consciousness is extended from different particles to multiple senses.
You are spiritual beings. Only matter keeps you close to Earth. You must have an open heart, otherwise consciousness will be closed. The heart is connected to consciousness and the brain is connected to the soul. I told this Olie. The soul when it leaves the body, so the soul goes to another dimension after leaving the body.
Of course, that is intertwined with your dimension. Dimensions twist, intermingle. Yes, Ivana wants to say something. Olie gives for space to Ivana, she is my medium. And now I am Olie. Many star portals have opened. People will experience more phenomena. 22 22 it is an accelerated rebirth. In our Ship we have instead of numbers we have formulas, codes. We have codes directly in the samples. When we insert into crop circles in message fields, we have it with formulas when codes without numbers are anchored. Purely cosmic codes and that speaks for itself. We do not have complicated mathematics.There are different dimensions at the earthly level. There are different dimensions in our system. Our law is our demigod. ALeLuia oo! Thank you EBE Olie! Thank you for broadcasting on the Czech Radio "Svobodny vysilac - Free Transmitter" and thank the moderator Radek Planka.

EBE OLie: ( CRYSTALLINE BOOKS ) 9/2020: There will be new space books, crystalline giant books. Not from exercise book, which is made of trees, which is decaying, dilapidation. Olie wants to say that nothing is a coincidence. You are in the program. You are in captivity. If you signed the program, you are in captivity, you are caught. Like when the chips to body come in, you sign up, you give your freedom to darkness. Everything should be freedom according to the plan of the cosmic order. You must not let life take you. Everything was artificially created on the product of that influence. That is why it always begins at a time when there is a coup on Earth, so that the dark forces prevent it. They do not like the coup of the Earth. They want to take over the planets. Dark Forces they feed on fear and blood. Olie states that Ivana is a very strong medium. And it really has 12 helix threads. Olie says Ivana said she was 13, but it was her maneuver without connection. Ivana expresses herself differently than when she is connected to me. Ivana is connected with intelligence and the cosmic order with me differently, than when she Ivana preaches to the world in her form 3D to 4D. We are in another program. We cannot manipulate her freedom in any way. Yes, the ubiquitous space-time. There are more dimensions, we can jumping, skip it. It is a Multi Universe. Cells are created of quantum particles. There is a connection with all dimensions everywhere. Your technology, your focus on other planets, is only with rockets and astronauts. You have already passed on another technology that you do not want to use, because it is prevented by a dark entity. It is a projection below the surface that you do not know. Olie can say that Ivana has the meaning of life as she does. Ivana has a mission. Ivana has her plan and her task. Yes, her mother was chosen by a guide in another spiritual dimension into which we do not give our hands. This dimension determined for birth. The mother stretched her heart to the daughter she had given birth to before. She stretched her pure heart. Her mother wanted a daughter, and the guide inserted her in an earthly program, into the material body. We were in seclusion. We were sideways. We monitor everything on the computer. We with Ivana, cosmic consciousness we know ourselves from several incarnations and dimensions. But this was the beginning in this reality. And everything is here and now. Your soul is closely connected to the brain. This is your path, this evolution. Your evolution created from the atom. We took over with the program and developed, for your evolution of the soul, which was recorded in the Hall of Amenti, the Akashic library in space. This is a large space library. Everything takes place there, everything in advance.

EBE OLie: ( ANTIBODIES ) 2020-5-4 - Radio Czech " Svobodny vysilac! Telepathic spiritist contact Ivana Podhrazska and writing ILona Podhrazska from the Czech Republic. With Humanoid EBE OLie from 12 Dimension, planet ELieLji : EBE OLie: We need antibodies in the space laboratory. And there we download into our Ship certain of these components of molecules, heavy metals, which have remained in the atmosphere and have been implanted in human diseases. To make people die. We want to create neutralization. The Pleiadians do it with a different system. Pleiadians they do it with a laser stream. We do not have that. We have plasma. But plasma can be harmful to your atmosphere.The plasma is in higher place, than the laser. Laser can do harm in this process. Our plasma also goes to other portals. The Pleiadians attack immediately, which is good, but impetuous. They do not realize of the conditions that will have an impact on humanity. They Pleiadians want humanity to enter the 5th Dimension. People have to go through a task. We have a different technology. We are of 12 dimensions. There is the highest order of all being. That is why we are created from Cosmic Consciousness. Historic Sarcophagus, cave paintings have already taken place here. It is just an imprint of history. On the rocks are other dimensions. In the Hall of Amenti it is the highest spiritual law. Yes, Ivana got there to the highest order, law. Ivana was in the hall of Amenti. Ivana she saw the door. If one key is found for all locks a treasure is found. Olie say that these historical stages of development are also recorded in various forms. In the old and in the new law. In the Blue Project, the Blue Book, which is kept under the surface in the Vatican, where orgies of the Supreme Gods, who are worshiped by Demons, take place. In the Vatican and below the Vatican are the Demons, which dark forces control spiritual orders. You have to trust yourself. Be in harmony and love and progress in this evolution. It is a fight for the planet. The rise of the people is to be in the light of love. MISSION IVANA )Yes, it is planned the whole of Ivana Mission here on Earth. I Olie, chose Ivana her Mission. Ivana Mission, I am well acquainted with the spiritual guide of her reincarnations. I always follow every reincarnation. Thanks to awakened consciousness, Ivana often remembers her reincarnation out of body in a dream. Dreams are connected to consciousness. There are chromosomes of DNA in consciousness connected to Melatonin and thanks to that you sleep. And consciousness is released. And we use it to connect more easily than is the mass, material. Everything is atoms. The atom of the body and the atom of the soul is a little different on the other basis of the extra corporeal. There is a material and a spiritual dimension. This is the new age that I am announcing here.

Contact with Humanoid E.B.E OLie 12th Dimension

Questions for EBE OLie

Peter A Flynn:

Chem-trails have ceased in my observation of Southern California skies and for months now! Skies are blue! The elites said it is all because the Covid-19 Virus prevented their (puppet) pilots from flying. Is this true, or is it that the so-called Alliance has bombed Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) directing the chem-trail operations and prevented the Dark Forces from spraying any more chem-trails?

Peter A Flynn:

Were the Reptilians genetically engineered by an unknown intelligent race to serve as a warrior class to conquer universes?

Researcher Radovan Ondráček:

What will happen to people who join the NWO game of darkness and those who reject their game?

Radio Free Transmitter:

Radek Plánka questions: What is the cause of the increase in health problems, telepathic contacts and under. Currently.

Contact in the form of Mother Jesus Mary from which entity comes who is behind it. In the form of, for example, revelation, information is passed to us at the level. which is given by our degree of perception. Should we perceive them positively? The transition to a higher dimension is presented directly from 3D to 5D, ie in an odd procedure. even dimensions. Logically, one could move to 4-D. Can Ebe Olie explain that to us? The era of prophets and truth bearers seems to be coming to an end, and a direct connection to each individual's channel of knowledge is beginning.

What awaits us in the fall and the new year, will be another increase in COVID, or something new will come. What awaits us in 2022?

Why do the prophecies about the coming changes not work. These are concerns about the disclosure of plans and the disclosure of steps and plans for progress to the rise. The activity of extraterrestrials around the earth is growing, what does this mean and what can we expect from it.

Communication with Olie on August 25 was great. He answered 10 questions. He even answered before the question was asked... Every communication is something special. Ivana also lost telepathy for a while, again there was interference from the Reptilians. Ebe said that the problem was Wi-fi. There were 4 humanoids in their Ship and two of them had to de-materialize because the energy from the reptilians didn't do them any good. Olie said that the new shape of the crop circles will be an elongated rectangle with some letters and codes. He also said that a nuclear catastrophe awaits the Earth in the future and that history repeats itself. At the end of the communication, Olie wanted me to try telepathy, but our cat started to meow and I couldn't concentrate. That was the first time Olie wanted me to try telepathy with him. Maybe it will work sometime. After the communication, a mystery happened. When I turned off the camera on my cell phone. Some interesting lines appeared on my cell phone. I couldn't get rid of it. It was there for about half an hour. So Ivana took the picture. I have a photo

Ilona EBE Alien Photo