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UFO Disclosure the Public should be informed of the Reality of UFO Alien Appearance's Worldwide. The Recent Pentagon and Navy Public Release Of  Alleged  UFO Videos are just the beginning of full UFO Disclosure by the Military Complex.

UFO Disclosure 2020 Are Government and Military officials suppressing the truth about extraterrestrial UFO visitations?


Telepathy, “Random Sightings” and “The God Hypothesis.”
Joseph Burkes MD 2018


 “Notes from Contact Underground” I have promoted the idea that there is no such thing as a “random sighting.” Dr. Jacques Vallee and others have asserted that sightings are “staged events.” If this is true then such a mechanism has profound implications.

People that claim to have ongoing telepathic communications with the intelligence associated with UFOs often exhibit a missionary zeal and believe that they serve a “higher purpose.” I am no exception to this rule. I imagine that part of my "mission", as an experiencer, is to decipher the mechanisms of contact. By spending time among those who believe that they are in communication with UFO intelligence, there is much of interest to be learned.

According to the “bad boy” of UFO-logy John Keel, flying saucers are all about the creation of belief. In my judgment, his view is correct, and the so-called aliens have been in that belief business probably forever. I know that I am playing with fire here, but I am not alone. Dr. Jacques Vallee has suggested that the early sacred events of some established faiths might have been mediated by a kind of super-intelligence that is associated with UFOs.

Despite the popularity of scientific materialism among the intelligence, old fashion religion is not likely going away anytime soon. The sudden realization that our major faiths could have been created by flying saucer intelligence might be terribly demoralizing for hundreds of millions of religious believers. Thus, UFOs are potentially extremely destabilizing to the status quo. This topic has been described as the “God Hypothesis.”
Telepathic communication with so-called aliens by contacts has been described by critics as “praying to ET.” Given the possibility that our major faiths have a connection to flying saucers, “praying to ET” may have been going on for millennia.

What if “Flying Saucer Central Intelligence” is targeting a much greater number of humans than just abductees and contacts? Estimates for the number of people having real sightings of UFOs range from as low as one to as high as ten percent of the general population. If these estimates are accurate and flying saucer sightings are not random events, then perhaps hundreds of millions of people have a subliminal mental link with ET non-human intelligence. If their advanced psi capabilities were sufficiently strong, then perhaps the so-called aliens might be able to establish a consciousness link with every single human being on our planet. Or is this too scary to even consider?


MK Ultra - CIA Mind Control Program

During the Cold War, the CIA launched a highly classified program aimed at mastering the art of mind control. Today, there is evidence that many stars in the entertainment business and even in politics are under the influence of the secret MK-Ultra program of mind control. They are being used to bring out the message of those controlling them in order to influence the masses. In this short documentary, we dig deeper into the signs of that mind control program. (Subtitles available)

Nordic Aliens & Spacecraft Encounter

Nordics are typically described as six to seven feet tall (about two meters) with long blond hair and blue eyes, and are commonly reported as being male. Their skin is said to range from fair colored to tanned, they are reported to be in excellent physical shape, and they are sometimes described as wearing skintight clothing. During the 1950's, many contacts, especially those in Europe, reported beings fitting this description. Such claims became relatively less common in subsequent decades, as the grey alien supplanted the Nordic in most accounts of extraterrestrial encounters, but Nordic aliens are still occasionally reported. Some sources, such as UFO Contact Center International, refer to Nordic-type aliens as Pleiadians, referring to the Pleiades star cluster.

Legends and myths of the Brazil's Amazon Jungle: Ivan Mackerle

Tunnel to Agharti?

The chief told us that some years ago his predecessor went to the cave and down a corridor. He came to an underground lake above which a brightly lit object hovered. The light from Lake Encantada. The Indians believe that this light protects them. Local ufologists are convinced that this is a means of transport for the aliens who live underground. Today, the underground tunnel is blocked after a few meters. The mysterious inhabitants of the subterranean realm want to discourage unwanted visitors.

More Mysterious Tunnels in Brazil leading to the underground kingdom:  http://m.mackerle-en.webnode.cz/expedition/south-america/?fbclid=IwAR2Ps7c4mXW-NTuiNHFJ2QapFfVbYuEfPUlMYPFixcxlWGWPBgxdnADjjIY


NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Suspended After Claims of Imminent Alien Invasion Before 2025

Nations and World Governments know the Secret Alien invasion. The highest-ranked official of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Charles Bolden, was put on sick leave for 6 months, after he publicly declared that an extraterrestrial invasion would take place before 2025.

Nasa discovered 30,000 alien species.


Journalist Investigator Leslie Kean Explores The Topics That Few Want To Discuss.

The extremely advanced technology that the objects have displayed since the 1950’s. They demonstrate tremendous speed and accelerations, the ability to make sharp right-angle turns, stand still in midair, zoom off and disappear in the blink of an eye, and operate under water. They appear to defy the laws of aviation as we know it, since they have no wings or visible means of propulsion. The documentation goes back more than 60 years, when no one on this planet had technology like this.

Flying Saucer Photo


Over the course of 5 consecutive days, a Light Ship materialized in broad daylight on 3 separate occasions. The footage presented in this montage represents a short sample of this experience which was profound and life changing. All are encouraged to develop their own relationship with the Star Nations and join in Unity Consciousness.

New statement by the Department of Defense (27 April 2020) on FLIR1, Go-fast and Gimbal videos supposedly "to clear up any misconceptions by the public", but not really clarifying anything at all. This is, quite possibly, the stupidest government statement I've read on UFOs (and that's saying something. credit Isaac Koi. https://www.defense.gov/…/statement-by-the-department-of-d…/ https://www.navair.navy.mil/foia/documents

DoD statement on Navy UFO Video


Experience of UFO Alien Contact need to read/listen to this. A new more accurate perspective.
We as a collective people have a gigantic blind spot. One that should be obvious to all in its implications and implementations into all parts of our lives. A true piece of occult knowledge right in front of everyone's eyes and intellects. This is so profoundly occult that even the most intelligent don't see it or choose not to. They may have glimmered the idea for a while but have ultimately forgotten it or refuse to discuss it. It has very substantial pressure to keep concealed. Both personally and through society. That pressure to occult has not changed for the bulk of the last 400 years. I can make this declaration of occultation by the absolute complete lack of information on this subject that has had any tangible effect on the world en-masse. This is the truly baffling part to me and I hope to any thinking person. credit Trevor Wozny  Please remember that the universe has no obligation to make sense to you. 

multi Universe images

NEW Exclusive! Dr. Steven Greer Interview [Are You Ready?] Contact Has Begun!

Dr. Steven Greer: Close Encounters of The Fifth Kind- Contact Has Begun https://vimeo.com/ondemand/closeencou... As UFO’s suddenly grace the covers of the NY Times and Washington Post, how can we make sense of these revelations without losing our grip on reality? “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” is a feature documentary presented by Dr. Steven Greer, the global authority on extraterrestrials who created the worldwide disclosure movement and routinely briefs presidents and heads of state on the ET phenomenon!


Although some alien species can communicate through this method we are assuming ALL species can connect on this level. This may not be the case. There may be hundreds of different telepathy wave lengths. Imagery may not work as they may not associate the pictures we project into their mind. There is not much said about the other insectoids, reptilians and even grays have been observed as clicking. Four times in my 55 years I have been observed in an awake conscious state. Out of those, three I have successfully communicated my thoughts. How do I know this you say. The first was when I was twenty with the seahorse type probes watching me on and off for months. I tried all types of experiments. They just observed, only once did I see their eye flick past me. But when I lowered my heart, stilled my mind then tried to see them, the larger, dinner plate size one sucked back into a dot and disappeared leaving the smaller children behind. I felt terrible even though I rationally knew they were together on a ship. But I connected successfully, they did not want me to know. The second time was recently, the post where I was in the lounge when the room turned cold and an extremely large man or unknown was beside me. Once again I communicated, asked him to leave, told him or it I did not sense his vibration, it was wrong. Not human. I knew they could hear me but did not respond, just observed. The next was the guinea rat creature that stay in at least 12/15 seconds. Even though I poured at love at the same time taking in every detail, when I tried to place an image into its brain to make it come towards me the alien owner did not like me connecting to it. I must have also been successful. It ran in front of my feet towards who or what was calling it. In the spirit world an apparition does not last that long. Also this was solid looking. And once again, for the non-believers this was witness by another person. When I checked my book, at least 2 years time difference between sighting in different houses. So we assume they are here to expand our consciousness and maybe some are, but some may be just watching as once we can achieve this then we have access to where their bases are. They have also had centuries to kick start this ability. Humans have had this ability to Remote viewing, seeing spirits and talking to them for centuries.It is not new! Credit Deanna Mattar

UFO Alien Downloads

United Nations UFO Disclosure

This video goes over the history of previous UFO disclosure attempts at the United Nations, and details a new international effort coming out of China called the Five continent International Forum that is attempting to bring the UFO issue to the United Nations.

Megalithic Coded Glyph's

Megalithic Monuments of the Reptoids - #1 Examination and following encoded ancient Glyph's monuments  KX-FS-AC-RBND - Megalithic monuments to ancient treasure/ Deciphering coded monuments, starting from Petroglyphs of humans and reptilian like beings. December 25th, 2018, New Mexico USA.

Nikola Tesla's Secret Key to the Universe:

A vortex is most commonly defined as a mass of whirling fluid, gas, or air, especially a whirlpool or whirlwind, in which the flow rotates around an axis line. Math is often defined as the science of numbers, quantities, and shapes and the relationship between them. So, Vortex based mathematics can be described as a new way of understanding numbers, not just as mere quantities, but where each has its own unique quality, archetype, and behavior. https://atlanteangardens.blogspot.com... This non-linear holistic view of math was also revered by none other than Nikola Tesla, who famously stated that, If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe. Tesla believed that numbers, especially 3, 6, 9, had extreme importance, and so did the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who around 500 BC was famously quoted as saying,All is number. Alternative forms of advanced mathematics have been found etched on Babylonian clay tablets dating back several millennia. Similar concepts have been popularized in modern times by Marco Rodin, after whom the Rodin Coil was named. A toroid is a surface of revolution with a hole in the middle, like a doughnut, forming a solid body. Some claim further scientific research and use can lead to free energy, space travel, time travel, genetic manipulation, toroidal healing therapy, and even a spiritual based technology that may improve conditions for life on the planet. Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author http://amazon.com/Robert-Sepehr/e/B00...


1979 Dechmont Woods Abduction of Robert Taylor Continued:

Taylor tried to calm him down but found that his voice was gone. He was very weak, and when he tried to stand, he could not. He crawled for a time until he was able to stand again. He finally made it back to his pick-up truck and tried to radio his work headquarters via his two-way, but still could not speak. Attempting to drive his truck back home, he got stuck in the mud, so he started a long walk of about a mile back to his house. He arrived at 11:45 AM. His experience had lasted a little over an hour. Finally, his voice was returning. He had developed a great thirst by the time he was home. Taylor would feel ill for a time after his experience with the UFO and two spheres, and he could still smell the awful odor from the forest. When his wife saw him, she was shocked. He had mud all over him, and his pants were torn. He began to tell her of his ordeal with the UFO. His wife urged him to call the police, but Taylor felt that they would only laugh at him. Instead, he called his job supervisor, Malcom Drummond. Taylor went to clean himself up. Drummond called a doctor, and he drove directly to Taylor's house. He was so eager to hear Taylor's story that he questioned him while he was in the tub. Drummond and Taylor both felt that there should be physical proof of the incident in the forest. Since the doctor was coming to check out Taylor, Drummond headed to the scene via Taylor's instructions, but he could not find the right location. Dr. Gordon Adams would examine Taylor for his injuries. He found two scrapped places on Taylor, one on his left leg, and the other under his chin. Taylor had no apparent head injuries, and his body temperature, blood pressure, and other body signs were all within normal limits. Dr. Adams insisted on Taylor getting a head X-ray to rule out a concussion, and talk to a counselor, but Taylor put off the hospital visit until later. As soon as Drummond returned, Taylor joined him as the two went directly to the scene of the incident in the forest. Ground marking were obvious, and they called the police. Taylor, along with his wife, did go to the hospital for testing, but left when he grew tired of waiting to be seen. He had a trip planned for the weekend to see relatives and was in a hurry to get things done for the journey. Soon, the press was aware of the Taylor's encounter, and in just a couple of days, the story was known all over the United Kingdom. Soon, it would be world-wide news, and eventually become the subject of television documentaries, magazines, and books. In time, a plaque would be erected at the site, but it was stolen. The local police department was not experienced in dealing with UFO cases, but they did file a report with interviews of all of those involved. Since an assault was part of the case, the police were obliged to send off Taylor's clothes for forensic examination. The only unusual thing found was traces of a powder, which was identified simply as contact transfer from the sack the clothes were shipped in. Police did a thorough search of records of military and civilian flight logs, and found nothing was flown over or near the forest that morning. The ground marks at the scene did not match any of the equipment used in the work in the forest. Two types of ground markings were found at the scene. The first marks were two parallel ladder-like tracks, each about 2.5 meters long, and the same distance apart. There were also 40 holes around the tracks. They were 10 centimeters across. In other words, there was undeniable proof that something had been on that spot in the forest very recently. Taylor at scene of encounter Taylor was known by many people in the area, and they all viewed him as honest and responsible. There is nothing to indicate that he would hoax an incident of this nature. He did have a history of several illnesses, and surgeries, but there was nothing in his medical history that would indicate he had any type of head injury or psychosis that could lead to an imaginary event. A timeline done by a UFO investigator to determine the length of time that Taylor was unconscious proved that Taylor was probably out of it for about twenty minutes, give or take. If we take Taylor's account as is, he was abducted by something "other-worldly" on November 9, 1979 for about twenty minutes. There has been no evidence presented to repudiate his claims. credit John Fasano


UFO Manifestations & Other Realms

Parallel views of Richard L Thomson and John E Mack on UFOs connection with spiritual dimensions. One is American mathematics professor and other is American psychiatrist, Pulitzer price winner.

The words of Richard L Thomson.

The ways in which the UFO phenomenon manifests do seem to be linked to the world of human beliefs and imagination, but the phenomenon also seems to have a dynamic of its own. The ’imaginal realm’ is therefore best conceived of as a collective mind containing but transcending individual minds, and as a trans-physical world that interacts with the physical world in other words, as the astral realm of occult tradition. In particular, UFO phenomena could involve temporary physical manifestations of shape-shifting, elemental energy-forms and thought-forms or other astral entities, which either materialize and de-materialize spontaneously or whose manifestations are partly directed by other intelligence.

The words of Dr Mack PhD

Dr. Mack asks us to move beyond the largely useless debate about whether UFOs or abductions are real in a purely material sense.

John Mack explored alien encounter experiences deeply, revealing a world of meaning and power that can revolutionize our understanding of who we are and our place in the cosmos. Dr. Mack suggests that such experiences reveal to us a universe which is filled with intelligence and life, though this may not always take the densely embodied form with which we are most familiar.He shows us the limited way that we have used ourselves in learning about the cosmos, and challenges the limitations of traditional science as a way to learn about the multi-dimensional world in which we reside. Insights about the relationship between spiritual and physical energy; trauma's role in transformation; information about the ecological crisis facing the planet and the urgency that we do something about it; the possibility that human beings are participating in the creation of some sort of inter-dimensional hybrid race; the expansion of human consciousness and our spiritual reawakening; and the apparent evolution of extraordinary relationships that some human beings may be developing beyond the earth plane.

Irena Scott, Ph.D. | Secret Corridors

Dr. Irena Scott has actually walked down the sacred corridors and hidden passageways where UFO studies took place, when she worked in several crucial UFO investigatory agencies. Her exposure to these investigations allowed her to obtain real documents, not the usual "informants" stories and legends. Including hidden studies showing that UFOs really exist, interviews with researchers, taking photographs, obtaining documents, leaked information, informants, and much else. Her smoking gun revelations have already attracted much attention including a possible new Roswell witness, accounts about possible Memory Metal and Elroy John Center, the Cordell Hull report, and many others. She has found many additional smoking guns that are reported here, some with even higher credibility, such as evidence that an alloy company had received a debris sample to analyze and its composition. Her exploration of Wright-Patterson AFB includes interviews of top researchers, photographs showing hidden views and possible tunnels and vaults, bodies in crypts, and a visit to its famous "Blue Room." She obtained actual documents from Project Blue Book studies, showing what took place, interviews with those involved with the studies, opinions of those at the top about UFOs including Battelle Memorial Institute presidents, and other top researchers. She has handwritten documents of scientist and ufologist Dr. J. Allen Hynek that are spontaneous and let the reader get to know the actual person behind his outside veneer shown in his published works. These tell about his many investigations, his opinions, and even contain information about such people as Neil Armstrong and his possible interest in UFO phenomenon. Scott has delved deeply into the legendary roots of UFO study and often found confirmation. She has worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Battelle Memorial Institute, and attended conferences at Wright-Patterson AFB.


 ACADEMIC UFO EXPERIENCE RESEARCH: FREE copy of the worlds first and only comprehensive worldwide academic research study on UFO related Contact Experiencers. Chapter One of our 820-page book, titled BEYOND UFOs provides many more details and explanations to this very brief research findings. If you want to receive a FREE copy of our 120-page Chapter One, send us an email to INFO@EXPERIENCER.ORG. The Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation was co-founded by the late Apollo 14...

FESIG 66th Meeting Mike Emery on Organmic Bubble Tech

The 2nd Session of the 66th FESIG Meeting started promptly with the Chair, Crystal introducing Mike Emery, one of the most thought provoking Quantum Physicists of our times, whose essays earned him a place at the 1st 1/10th of the top 1% of the scientific community at www.academia.edu, (Academia is used by academics at 12,357 universities)! Mike talked about the ORGONE BUBBLE TECH he developed with his partners. Orgone Bubble tech started since May last year (2018) and went viral when people are experience miraculous healing and manifestations of their hearts' desire! Hive Mind, General Patton. The way Mike figured out how the Universe worked is by tracking down the skid marks. Aether's are made up of love. Anu is in every cell. Love is the skid marks layers of consciousness that goes to darkness all seeds germinated from darkness. All human consciousness started at the same time from chaotic darkness. Space and Time is Consciousness. We are pure consciousness. A holodeck connected to a juke box…over and over again. Humans are puppets of the Hive Mind (collective subconsciousness). Having explained how consciousness is energy which is connected to the Aether's, the Anu which is Love, Mike then brought us through how this is the basis of the Orgone Bubble Tech, how it is made and how it functions and the magical benefits it brings. Testimonies kept pouring in daily after this Bubble tech went viral on the internet with people making them and experiencing magic happening to them. Watch the rest of the video. Then Crystal thanked everyone and adjourned the 66th FESIG Meeting to the 67th one on the 7th of Aug 2019. Mike Emery : http://about.me/mike_emery https://www.academia.edu/37297782/INS... Brought to you by Crystal Goh and EXCO of FESIG http://www.truevisionofpeace.com/fesi... https://www.facebook.com/Free.Energy....



An unidentified flying object, or UFO, is any object in the air or upper atmosphere that cannot be identified. Some definitions, such as that which is used by the USAF, define a UFO as an object unable to be identified after scrutiny, while other definitions define an object as being a UFO from the time it is first reported as being unidentified, even though most subsequently become IFOs, Identified Flying Objects.

Reports of unusual aerial phenomena date back to ancient times, but modern reports and the first official investigations began during World War II with sightings of so-called foo fighters by Allied airplane crews, and in 1946 with widespread sightings of European "ghost rockets". UFO reports became even more common after the first widely publicized United States UFO sighting, by private pilot Kenneth Arnold in mid 1947. Hundreds of thousands of UFO reports have since been made worldwide.


On a clear typical night within a 2 hr. window just after sunset, there can be seen at certain vantage points multiple star like objects "ufo" traveling within a straight line at high and low altitudes. Their seems to be "particular aerial highways" these objects are using on a yearly to daily bases. A North-South/South-North direction seems to be a common route used by these aerial star like objects "UFO". From NYUFO vantage point the Atlantic Ocean is South and Upper New York State leading to Canada is just North of here. NYUFO questions whether these objects are entering or returning from hidden bases located within the United States and or Canada & or located within the Atlantic Ocean itself. There seems to be a connection to these Star Like Unknown Objects "UFO" being seen in the sky above and some News Worthy events occurring within their routes of travel.For those of you who remember Flight 800 the commercial aircraft that mysteriously fell into the Atlantic Ocean in the "Moriches Bay" Long Island on July 17,1996.This tragic incident is believed by NYUFO to be within the time frame and aerial highway used by these unknown star like objects "UFO".

New York recorded pilots UFOs.     THE FLIGHT 800 EYEWITNESS EVIDENCE  Nov.17, 1995

                                                                           SHOT DOWN BY MILITARY 

 A news article written by the Associated Press quoted a military-trained helicopter pilot named Frederick C Meyer, who was flying an Air National Guard H-60 Black Hawk helicopter on a training mission,was among the first of many eyewitnesses to report having seen a "light Streak" arcing in the sky before the jet exploded. NYUFO theory is that their could have been a secret operation taking place by either the US Navy & or Brookhaven National Labs using laser cannons to shoot down these Star Light Objects "UFO" crossing over their particular airspace and flight 800 was just in the wrong place at the wrong time! The Star Wars or SDI program deploying Ground Base & Space Base laser technology has successfully been used against extraterrestrial objects shown by two cases that occurred between 1989 and 1992. Both cases UFOs were shot down. During the night of September 28, 1989, at about midnight, the Ultra Super Secret Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island successfully brought down a boomerang shaped object sighted by dozens of eye witnesses crashing in the "Moriches Bay". A second UFO brought down by the same Laboratory occurred on Nov 24,1992 at around 7:12 pm. The object crashed in South Haven Park, within the vicinity of the Laboratory,which was quickly sealed off by police, fire dept,and Army. A video tape made by the fire department shows the burning wreck and three small corpses with big almond-shaped eyes was passed on to the UFO researcher John Ford of the Long Island UFO Network by an employee of the Brookhaven Lab. Accordingly these two cases were not isolated cases. Nov 24,1992 possible ufo crash artifact recovered. Taken from KeelyNet  (214) 324-3501 Sponsored by Vangard Sciences PO BOX 1031 Mesquite, TX 75150 arch 30, 1990 UFO Landing and Government Intercept Hi there.My name is Ed Sanborn and I'm the MUFON State Director for Mass. I received the following in the mail from a member of the LIUFON on Friday Nov. 24, 1989:LONG ISLAND U.F.O.NETWORK P.O. BOX 232 Center Moriches,New York 11934 HOTLINE(516) 286-3212 A NON- PROFIT RESEARCH ORGANIZATION. PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE COPY The Long Island UFO Network, Inc., a non-profit research organization based on Long Island, announces to the media of the Metropolitan area and the Nation that we have evidence that on September 28, 1989 the United States Armed Forces attempted to recover a disabled,or landed UFO. The incident occurred on the Dune Area of Smith's Point Beach near the entrance to the Moriches Bay. Military and Suffolk County Police Helicopters were involved in an apparent attempt to monitor the craft on the Beach. A second object estimated to be 574 feet to a thousand feet long was observed hovering over the Bay.It was composed of six tremendously large lights. The helicopters (six involved) were composed of four military helicopters and two Suffolk County Police Helicopters. These helicopters surrounded the large object (commonly referred to as a mother ship) in a circular rotation passing around this object in a counter clockwise flight, the helicopters would then fly over the second downed object in the dunes. As this maneuver was completed, the area would be illuminated by the helicopters searchlights in an attempt to illuminate what was on the ground. Long Island UFO Network, Inc. has interviewed the eyewitnesses to this event. The family lives in Center Moriches Long Island.The husband, wife, and their adult son observed the large object from their backyard in response to military helicopter overflights of their home. The husband and son drove to the Union Ave. dock and for two and a half hours observed the operation. The witnesses described the operation to LIUFON investigators' under the provision their identities and address be held in the strictest confidentiality. For their protection they were interviewed on tape under fictitious identities and addresses. The husband's taped interview is available to the media for examination with permission of the witness. The case is under further investigation by LIUFON investigators. As more information develops it will be released to the media. The case will be discussed at our forthcoming conference on October 29th in Middle Island, NY at the Artist Lake Condominium Center. There exists 48 photographs of this occurrence taken by the eyewitnesses. They have been impounded by LIUFON for scientific evaluation. As soon as tests are finished they will be presented to the public on the Joel Martin Cable TV Show on Cablevision at a date to be announced.We call upon the FAA, Suffolk County Police and the United States Government to comment on this.Did they have UFO's over Moriches Bay on Sept. 28, 1989 between 8:45 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. and were they monitoring it? LIUFON demands to know, the public demands to know and the World demands to know.


  PINE BUSH -- Dr. Bruce Cornet is investigating recent sightings of a triangular and diamond-shaped craft have been spotted along Route 52 between Flurry Road and Pine Bush, and on Route 17 (Gareth, on February 13, 2002) between exit 120 for Middletown and exit 119 for Pine Bush (Salvatore Cirami, 12 Jan. 2002). Further investigation reveals the craft flew over Freeze Road. The craft flipped onto it's left side, and traveled in a vertical orientation for a short distance before making a hard left turn a "right angle" turn to the left. Mr. Cirami was able to see the lights on the bottom of the triangle because the craft flipped vertical before turning. Once it turned northwest, the top of the craft blocked the lights. Then the triangle rotated into a horizontal mode, followed by it dropping like a rock out of sight into a field. That field was correctly identified by Mr. Ciramin on aerial photographs after he went back to the location and retraced his steps. The craft did not drop down over any concrete landing platform. What looks like a concrete platform on the aerial photograph is actually a very large building with a light colored roof, which is located on top of the hill where the sign and crosses are located. Hope this clears up the confusion. It is important for your readers to realize that these types of performances appear to be staged events. The triangle disappeared in as unlikely an area for such a large craft as the many craft I have witnessed near Montgomery, NY, disappearing into farm fields between tree rows. You have witnessed it with me.   I suspect that these areas were chosen by ETI to indicate where sky watchers should go if they want to resume sky watching again. Off of Midland Lakes Road is a short dead-end road called, Freeze Road. It has a culdesac right next to Route 17, as well as a pull-off and bench for people to sit at. To the north is a hill, upon which rests a large billboard sign for Nevele Grande hotel in Ellenville. I don't know of any similar pull-off along Route 52, which has a similar good vista for viewing aerial craft. Pine Bush enacted an ordinance to stop skywatching, or at least give the police a law which they could enforce whenever the need arose to arrest people who were causing a problem. Since 1997 the farm fields on the east side of West Searsville Road have been heavily developed. The area is just too developed for sky watching, which means that other areas need to be scouted and found. Thanks to Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., Geologist, Paleobotanist, Palynologist bcornet@monmouth! .com. http://www.monmouth.com/~bcornet/ credit: KEN OZ. NYUFO.COM

The Forgotten Unknowns

by Dennis Rau

There exists in the field of the paranormal many phenomena. While tales of UFOs, abductions and ghosts get most of the headlines, there also exists a paranormal ‘outfield’ of sorts. Things like paranormal fog, ORBs, and telepathy, for instance. Seems nobody is an expert in paranormal fog.

These phenomena have been present in the background, barely noticed for as long as there have been these mysteries.

This story brings to the forefront these and even lesser-known paranormal phenomena. They are all fascinating, they are all part of the big picture and they are all the Forgotten Unknowns.


Paranormal fog

Most often associated with ghostly locations, the phenomena known as paranormal fog is thought by some to be actual spirit energy. Theorized at times to be an actual paranormal event involving what might be described as a ghostly ORB in dis-corporate form, it sometimes is seen in photos with real ORBs actually in the fog. In contrast to a perceived popular conception, paranormal fog does not necessarily mean something evil is afoot. Many recent paranormal fog encounters have been described by the experiencer themselves in very positive terms, putting a new light of understanding on paranormal fog.

Ironically, true paranormal fog has a lot in common with true ORBs. Both are plagued with a pesky ability to be explained by many natural objects. They just take bad photos.

Since they are so little understood, they become even more invisible than they naturally are.

Some paranormal fog photos can be explained as cigarette smoke or steamy winter breath near the camera, and many ‘fog’ photos are indeed these things.

Paranormal fog which displays certain unique characteristics such as showing a distinct human or spectre-like form, as well as fog which displays nuances of form and movement not characteristic of smoke or breath near the camera. Some paranormal fog photos are so strikingly unique that they practically defy explanation as conventional matter.

So the game here comes down to 1) it happens to you, so you know what happened. 2) you saw a photo and think it happened 3) you saw a photo and do not think it happened. Pick a number.

Yet, after thousands of paranormal investigations, paranormal fog has slipped through the fingers of each and every one.



You may have seen photos of ‘streaks’, those long, wavy lines in photos. Usually reddish to orange in color, sometimes a single ‘streak’, and other times many streaks travelling in unison in the photo .

It is theorized that the single streak and the multiple streak are possibly separate events entirely.

Streaks are primarily a night or indoor event. It is theorized that streaks move very fast, since there are no ‘streak sightings’ reported.

I’ve heard it called ‘spaghetti’ by one contacted. It is common for someone to get one ‘streak’ photo and every other is perfectly normal on that roll of film.

While it may be readily thought to be a camera defect such as shutter malfunction, or even some light leaking into the developer’s darkroom, there is also another deeper side of streaks.

They show up in photos taken at UFO ‘hot spots’, they are thought to be an ‘accompanying phenomena’, one seen in proximity to the more mainstream paranormal events. One could think that maybe they show up as a sort of prelude or pathfinder for bigger things equally misunderstood.

A typical reaction to a photo of a streak is a puzzled look, silence or a shrug.

While streaks of the true paranormal variety may hold keys to mysteries yet un-pondered, they still wait their day in the spotlight.



This little-known event is similar to ‘streaks’, they are seen around and near other paranormal events and locations. Unlike streaks, which are usually orange or reddish in color, ‘Squiggles’ are usually whitish to bluish white. They go by other names, such as ‘spirals’ and ‘worms’ due to their rather winding or wiggly appearance. A lack of a standard of reference, a baseline to refer to, seems to apply to all of these ‘forgotten unknowns’. Hence the many names that are used in conjuction with them.

They most closely resemble an ‘ORB in motion’, and are often described in this way.

Like the other members of this little fraternity, ‘squiggles’ often accompany other kinds of paranormal phenomena, such as ‘fog’ and UFOs. Squiggles are considered as friendly or at least neutral by those who see and report them.

There appears to be more than one type of ‘squiggle’ as well. Since many kinds of objects moving in front of a camera lens can produce blurry or out-of-focus images, this category of phenomena has the major drawback of being all too easily written off as something ordinary.

Since ‘squiggles’ somewhat resemble ‘ORBs in motion’, and might well be, and since ORB matter closely resembles ‘paranormal fog’ in some respects, it remains unclear whether these phenomena are different forms of the same thing or different and separate things entirely. All that is known at this point is that these things are being seen and photographed together on a regular basis.

The actual meaning of each of these unknowns is yet to be realized, but perhaps this apparent interrelationship is our first baseline for further understanding.

If there ever were something like an equivalent of a paranormal question mark, it just might be the mysterious form known to some as ‘squiggles’.


Telepathy, defined as ‘communication between minds’, is another paranormal form we seldom hear much about. Actual telepathic contact is quite the learning experience, according to those who report this type of event. What often occurs when one gets a telepathic message is instinctively you want to send one back,

Inadvertently making one ‘wake up’ to an ability they never knew they had. Telepathic contact goes with ET/UFO sightings like love and marriage.

Over the many recorded years of human/ET contact, there has been observed several ‘sea changes’ in the nature and context of the contact. The early years of saucers and secrecy, for instance, became the era of abduction. The era of abduction has faded, and the majority of recent contacts have been of a markedly more positive nature. These changes have been reflected in the telepathy stories told by the experiencer themselves. Instead of memories of abductions regained through hypnotic regression, today’s ‘positive contactees’ describe fully conscious interactions with friendly ETs, a refreshing change in contact indeed.

Telepathic contact is said to be sensed or ‘felt’ inside the head, not through the ears like normal sounds.

It is described as ‘heard by the spirit’, or a spirit voice speaking to you through your own spiritual ‘ear’, so the perception of the voice or sound is deeply sensed. Some say it is chiefly inside the right side of their head that telepathy is sensed.

There are many individuals today with telepathic abilities, it has become quite common among people to at some time experience a telepathic event. Many of these same people believe that it is really nothing special, like we all have it. Some people have a lot of it naturally, others only a bit now and then. Everyone can learn to develop this ability if they dedicate the effort necessary.

Yet telepathy seems to elude popular conversation, like somehow it slipped our inner mind somewhere along the way.

This has been a brief introduction to those least-known and least-understood visitors from elsewhere, a first passing glance at those other things that go bump in the night. There are many others still out there.

Lest these smaller wonders pass us by, let us turn our eyes for a moment to these forgotten ones.

Today we look at their photos, we give them names, we see them in the new light of discovery.

Tomorrow, perhaps we will see them in the brighter light of full understanding.

eBe Contact

Czech Girls ET Contact: With Humanoid EBE Olie 2020

Czech Girls UFO Alien Contact book

JULY 2020

Ilona & Ivana Podhrázská ET Connection

31) 1. Part ( FLUCTUATION TELEPATHY) Deflection, Fluctuation telepathic: 2020-5-4 Radio Czech " Svobodny vysilac " Broadcaster Radek Planka : Telepathic spiritist contact Ivana Podhrazska and writing ILona Podhrazska from the Czech Republic. With Humanoid EBE OLie from 12 Dimension, planet ELieLji :  Aleluia oo! Welcome! Everything that happens has it is law. Extraterrestrials Ships are everywhere in orbit. . Already last time i told about it in the information field. There is a lot going on, a lot is hidden from the human senses. People feel that something is happening. Consciousness awakens. The great age is coming, a new cosmic consciousness from the atom of particles in the universe. Dark entities want the destruction of humanity. My dear Ivana it has a terrestrial code that connects us and that is the number 00. Aleluia oo! Ivana already knows what to say. Ivana has energy in the manner of frequency particles of quantum elementary particles, which neutralize her fluctuations, deflections from the material, spiritual frequency AV 44. This is the code that previously recorded her DNA. People must connect in love. Hatred over time works with the Matrix. It is a way to control this system. And your Earth is entering a new era. You have to demolish the Matrix system. Then you will only advance to your level of being. The planet is crying. Everything is a takeover. People must live in love. We are created from cosmic consciousness. We are also from another dimension. We neutralize poisons. We created blood. We and others participated. The Pleiadian participated in other frequencies of being. The human body is made up of many billions of cells. Many developments need to be put in place for evolution. We created blood according to our research in laboratories. Our laboratory records records of human blood in secret sarcophagi. Ebe had already said that when the Reptile races feed on the blood of children, they are closed as clones. Olie say , that they kids. .

( FLUCTUATION SIGNAL REPTILIANS TELEPATHIC CONNECTION BETWEEN IVANA AND OLIE). Fluctuation signal. I am sorry, Olie. They Reptilians want to break our connection between Ivana and mine, but they can not. We have different frequencies in a different star system. We have another order of unconditional inter - galactic commandments, the COUNCIL. Space Council. It is a doctrine, a joy, yes. . . . Ivana now to digress. Yes, we are now interrupted by Reptile, reptilians species. Ivana will be connected immediately. Our Ship is at the moment in another dimension, sending a signal to your dimension of planet Earth. Our source of information is now determined from a different frequency due to the Reptilian obstacle, difficulty. We know how capture it it. We are afraid, we protect ourselves, so we will not show ourselves directly to humanity. The Pleiadian's also have unresolved disputes with your leaders. That is what Olie knows. There are currently disagreements in the inter - galactic council. They do not understand the principle of being. Reptilians do not understand the process of being. Reptilians they are the descendants of negative entities that had a planet in the lower Galaxy in ARA. . . ARA is an extinct planet by the disintegration of atmonuclear particles in the Galactic dimension. This planet disappeared through this process. They. Me Olie now to digress, because the telepathic connection is shortened. It is through resources, which are controlled. That's why Olie is holding the bridle. But it is not good. But Olie communicates, as always. The media, radio, television are just holding the emitters of resources from the Reptile, and they measure it, like wavelengths. Like you, Musk's satellites keep everything at the level of control in connection through channels and vibrations. They manipulate a lot now. That is why they also censor various true information and like to insert disinformation codes, where it is suggested that people will believe. It means both a number and a letter. That is why they have fluctuations on Television, facial expression, mimicry, holograms, numbers and letters. Everything forms a whole for the control of the human species. Ivana connects the great cosmic core of molecules, atoms in consciousness. Ivana can communicate with Olie with me in whatever way. Communication must not be misused. There must be a direct, clean, genuine connection.

Yes, this system of being is related to ascension, and consciousness is all given according to the plan of the cosmic law. History repeats. Every catastrophe, some artificially and naturally created virus was preceded by a catastrophe. Either an artificial or natural disaster, like a virus. Everything is intertwined in an eight. Laid place eight. Eight number, infinity. Infinity repeating history with additions to new technology, which is connected with evolutionary improvement from information fields from various dimensions. Information is passed on to other worlds, and thus the Galactic Council was created, and everything is related to everything. What is happening has its law, but it is abused by evil entities, dark Beings. We created the human species, we created the blood, its composition. This is abused by dark forces. They abuse it for their own benefit to feed on our creatures. That is why many races have been involved in creating people. Now, the Reptilians are working in laboratories to create a genome for mutations and clones of children's blood so that they can exploit it beneath the Earth's surface. Dark beings to be feed, which comes from an extinct planet.

The ANUNNAKI also have an extinct planet. NIBIRU burned down with a big Bang, an atom of particles. (Note: The contact is broken again) Our Ship is outside the plasma discharge from the Sun, which is currently glowing. The sun's discharge GAMA flashes will now be at the level of a new era. There are vibrations, dimensions intertwine. GAMA radiation is developed by this natural process. CERN - Geneva performs rituals to make it all go in a different direction for the benefit of its dark realm of Satanists, and I answer a certain lady who wrote to Ivana. The Internet is monitored on its network. Olie can not comment. Olie has other nets in Nano-nets that do no harm to anyone. Elon Musk is a Reptile species that develops satellites that influence and control humanity in the future, even though it is here and now. People perceive it because they have an open consciousness. It is manipulation. Our computers only deal with help with a possible rise, upswing. But we are behind the Pleiadian race, which is gaining ground in another among the cosmic star systems. We have our dignified Galactic Multidimensional Council and we stand behind it.

We can not put each one in one bag. The Pleiadian's have the task of protecting your Earth. They are in the 6th Dimension. It is a sleeping dimension, but they are already there. They have made progress from the fifth dimension. The earth knows when transformation awaits it. The Earth wants to carry out its coup, revolution with dignity. It is a fight for the planet. We created you and others created you. This planet belongs to you, but by law you cannot take it, but it belongs to you. People also can not own each other one and the other. That is freedom. Planet Earth created from a large neutral a Neutral quantities in the universe, compounds, molecules  Olie telling that the Universe originated from an atomic unit. Atoms were not created by God or the Devil. Atoms formed from a horizontal number eight, infinity. There is no beginning or no end. An atom is from nothing. As suddenly you are. You are from Evolution, from creatures from those laboratory cosmic evolutions in which the code for evolution, for life, has already been given. She was a kind of planet and she wanted life, so you are on the planet. Everywhere you can choose life, if there are beneficial effects, molecules, atom, water, helium, oxygen, ozone, nitrogen, silicon. Everything is important for life. Water is important for all kinds of species in space. Full conductors to filling consciousness .

People who have a closed code grid in Pineal Gland will never understand the process of being, only those of enlightenment. We EBE are the Demigods. People as a whole hold a closed grid that keeps them captive. You are controlled by the Reptilian species. We want to help your Earth. We are Demi - gods, we are multidimensionally higher. We created your human species, but we did not finish. But you are the only planet we have been most involved in. Yes, every civilization, evolution and different cosmic species has a different development, the law. There are different cosmic law, orders in star systems. There are more inter - galactic councils and laws.

There are billions of extinct evolutions on the far side of the Earth. Your Earth hasn't gone out yet, it was not a Supernova. The Earth now has a transition, a cover, the Earth mantle is changing. Our EBE species is currently sucking your dangerously harmful full of heavy metal particles into our Ship. We study its particles to figure out how to stop what is directed against you for immunity. The corona virus is a biological weapon. And now we are sucking up all sorts of particles from those viruses so we can create against upstream. Restart against darkness. So that we can help end the darkness that rules you on planet Earth.

ET EBE OLie told to USA radio and recently to Czech Radio in February, that ET EBE will make Crop circle " looks like Tree of Life" And that we will know right away that it is the " Tree of Life " OLie was right like always !!! Next Crop circle should be elongated shape with some written letters. Crop circle: Devizes, Wiltshire - England.

crop circle

Extra Biological Entities (EBE) named  OLie: ( REPTILIAN, CHEST PLATE ) Contactee Ivana Podhrazska, Writing Ilona Podhrazska: Question 1-a) Peter A Flynn: Please clarify that the Zeta Reticuli EBEs are NOT the Grays. The confusion is because the Extra Biological Entities look like the Grays, but the Grays are a slave race created by the Reptilians. The Zeta Reticuli EBEs were NOT created by the Reptilians. Is this all true?  Answer Ebe OLie: Reptilians have a completely different form of their existence, their evolution. A primitive species of EBE like us. Olie and I are not all the same. We are not from the Zeta Reticulli system. But we are close neighbors of this system. But we are close neighbors of this system. We are from another Galaxy, but we are neighbors. The Reptilians did not created us, we are not gray. These superstitions arose in the heads of the human species. The real truth is different. We are not gray, but we are beige. Our body resilient, elastic and soft. The structure of our body is almost transparent. We have a plate on our chest. When the chip activates the frequency signal, it makes our chest transparent with plasma light from the plate on the chest. The plate on the chest is also controlled in our Ship together with us. At a distance, we can to call or to revoke our Ship with this our plate. Reptilians do not know this and have no compassion. We have compassion. From Zeta Reticulli are also not completely gray beings. Color does not play an important part of evolution. That is energy, it is important. The message and level of that evolution. They can be for the most part Hybrids Extra Biological Entities oh yes. We have probes in a large ship, a large number of probes controlled without hybrids or remotely controlled, remotely. At a distance steering. Hybrids are like robots. Evolution Extra Biological Entities. Hybrids these are being developed in your Earth . But the hybrids are already under the rule of the Reptilioids. Both Hybrids and bio-robots with a connection with Illuminati. It is an Illuminati pattern. ( GAMMA RADIATION ) Question: 1-b) I suggest that for the rest of us YOU ask Olie about who Moloch is. Is he a threat now in the current world we live in? Sources suggest that he has been arrested and quarantined. Is this true? Will this end the pedophilia rage on Earth among the elite?/ Answer Ebe: Olie say's the law of evil is Moloch. It has many characters and forms. It is not entirely Satan, but rather a fallen Demon, is worshiped at CERN, Geneva. CERN is connected with the Reptilians and the dark races in general. Therefore, it is dangerous that GAMMA radiation can be come from CERN. Gamma radiation would be developed from the acceleration of photon particles. GAMMA radiation can also threaten the explosion of the Galaxy or part of the star, but the greatest evil is caused intentionally as a biological weapon. GAMMA radiation, chemical trails, particle accelerator for an attempt to change the cosmic order, law. That would be a war over time and over space. It already they would only fight really Satan with the light of the Gods. God is the universe. The universe is the light of the Gods.


KRUCEMBURK, near town Chotěboř, Havlíčkův Brod. .. Saturday, September 19, 2020

08:15 - 09:15 breakfast
09:30 - 12:00 Martin Pávek - Behind the Secrets of South America, other news
from traveling for the mysterious news of Latin countries
Of America
12:30 - 13:30 lunch
14:00 - 16:00 Aleš Česal - Secrets and Mysteries of the Cheb Region
16:15 - 17:30 Iva and Ilona Podhrázské - Contacts with aliens
18:00 - 19:00 dinner
19:30 - 23:00 Discussion on the burning topics of today's world and free entertainment

Sunday, September 20, 2020

08:30 - 09:30 breakfast
09:45 - 10:45 Jan Pavlík - What awaits us after death
11:00 - 12:30 Martin Křížek - Talking about nothing
13:00 - 14:00 lunch
14:00 end of the meeting and departure home

three finger Alien Hand Peru.jpg
Another proof that Ebe Olie is right! 
Opinion of the video where Ebe Olie mentions their small plate on the chest.
From Robert Salas USAF: Hello Ilona: How are you communicating with EBE? Have you been following the discovery of the Mummies of Nazca, Peru? Have you seen this photo? I have seen the mummies up close and one or more seem to have a metal plate implanted in the chest. Ask Ebe if they know about these mummies and what they are? Yes. They are authentic. Have you written a book or something about your contact messages? Yes, and they also have other strange metal implants, such as this. Olie seems to have four fingers. These mummies have three. Ebe OLie also sometimes has a sense of humor!!! He also told this : I quote what EBE OLie told: " Ebe is a piece of head poppy  head A mushroom is a ridiculous plant for us because it has a ridiculous hat. I'm asking Robot for a jacket!. "

EBE OLie: ( REPTILIANS, CHEST PLATE ) Contacter Ivana Podhrazska, Writing ILona Podhrazska:

Question 1a) Peter A Flynn: Please clarify that the Zeta Reticuli EBE's are NOT the Grays. The confusion is because the EBEs look like the Grays, but the Grays are a slave race created by the Reptilians. The Zeta Reticuli EBE's were NOT created by the Reptilians. Is this all true?/.
Answer Ebe OLie: - Reptilians have a completely different form of their existence, their evolution. A primitive species of Ebe like us. Olie and I are not all the same. We are not from the Zeta Reticulli system. But we are close neighbors of this system. But we are close neighbors of this system. We are from another Galaxy, but we are neighbors. The Reptilians did not created us, we are not gray. These superstitions arose in the heads of the human species. The real truth is different. We are not gray, but we are beige. Our body resilient, elastic and soft. The structure of our body is almost transparent. We have a plate on our chest. When the chip activates the frequency signal, it makes our chest transparent with plasma light from the plate on the chest. The plate on the chest is also controlled in our Ship together with us. At a distance, we can to call or to revoke our Ship with this our plate. Reptilians do not know this and have no compassion. We have compassion. From Zeta Reticulli are also not completely gray beings. Color does not play an important part of evolution. That is energy, it is important. The message and level of that evolution. They can be for the most part Hybrids EBE oh yes. We have probes in a large ship, a large number of probes controlled without hybrids or remotely controlled, remotely. At a distance steering. Hybrids are like robots. Evolution Ebe. Hybrids these are being developed in your Earth . But the hybrids are already under the rule of the Reptilioids. Both Hybrids and bio-robots with a connection with Illuminati. It is an Illuminati pattern.  ( GAMMA RADIATION )
Question: 1b) I suggest that for the rest of us YOU ask Olie about who Moloch is. Is he a threat now in the current world we live in? Sources suggest that he has been arrested and quarantined. Is this true? Will this end the pedophilia rage on Earth among the elite?/
Answer Ebe: Olie say the law of evil is Moloch. It has many characters and forms. It is not entirely Satan, but rather a fallen Demon, is worshiped at CERN, Geneva. CERN is connected with the Reptilians and the dark races in general. Therefore, it is dangerous that GAMMA radiation can be come from CERN. Gamma radiation would be developed from the acceleration of photon particles. GAMMA radiation can also threaten the explosion of the Galaxy or part of the star, but the greatest evil is caused intentionally as a biological weapon. GAMMA radiation, chemical trails, particle accelerator for an attempt to change the cosmic order, law. That would be a war over time and over space. It already they would only fight really Satan with the light of the Gods. God is the universe. The universe is the light of the Gods.