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Silver wing shaped UFO slowly disappeared from cloaking technology?

I was staring at the sky in Lebanon Ohio, and a large rectangular UFO object the size of several city blocks ,and shaped like a wing in structure, was sitting stationary in the sky. This UFO slowly turned on a cloaking mechanism that obscured its crystal clear appearance from the outside inward. The…

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Silver Gold reflective or sparkly daytime #UFO Sighting caught on video Utah 8/13/16

UFO Sightings reported from Hurricane Utah on 8/13/16:

I was driving west on 1150 towards Lynn's market.. I noticed a UFO about half way up the street. It sparkled a bit was low in the sky.. No sound I could hear.. No movement.. It stayed there until I came to the stop at state rt 9.. So I grabbe…

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Fairfield CT fireworks ended sighted a white UFO moving very slowly

July 2 2016 10:30-11:00 pm SS Norden Club Bridgeport Connecticut The Fairfield fireworks had ended the crowd was thinning out. The boats had all come back in. It was time for me to go fishing. I live on Long Island Sound. I fish every night from April to January. If it happens in the night sky I see…

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