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Navy's Unreported Triangle UFO Sighting

McMillan correctly notes that the 2018 task force report “expressly stated that the potential for UAP to be ‘alien’ or ‘non-human’ technology was of legitimate consideration.” That report included photos taken by naval aviators on their personal cellphone cameras, which appear to show a cu…

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Large Metallic Triangular UFOs emitting Red Orbs Reported

While observing stars in the milky way on a clear moonless night in a rural area with no light pollution, two Large Metallic Triangular UFOs appeared out of nowhere overhead, not close to each other. They were stationary for several minutes. UFO Sighting started emitting or discharging or launching…

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Large Triangle Object Craft Emitting Extremely Bright Light

Deploying smaller lights/ objects. UFO News:  This sighting took place over two nights/ mornings starting on August 4th, 2020. August 4th, 2020- 0300 hours: I witnessed a large in scale object in the sky in a Northeast position above the State Capitol building in downtown Madison Wisconsin. It was…

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Triangular Craft with Multiple Star-Like UFOs Reported

Watched the skies for a number of hours. I saw multiple star-like UFOs traveling swiftly across the sky, changing direction not shooting stars. The skies were very busy. I then saw a Triangular Domed UFO I initially believed to be a plane; but, the lights were oddly distributed and it was silent. Fi…

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Strange Triangle Shaped UFO Sighting Reported

UFO was large bright triangular shaped slowly moving south to north then course change east, no sound or strobe. I saw a light in the sky brighter than Venus approaching my position from the south. The sky was clear, light breeze temp 74 degrees. The UFO Sighting was moving very slowly to the nort…

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Strange UFO Sighting during covid19 lock down

Looked out of bedroom window before turning in to bed and noticed 2 white stars close together but moving. Then noticed a 3rd behind and realized they were in a triangle moving together. The two UFOs in front passed one another, and I wondered if they were military craft because here in UK only mili…

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