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Bright Orange Fireball Orb over Reservoir UK Reported

I was driving home past Foremark Reservoir, near Ticknall. along Repton road as I approached the reservoir main entrance, I noticed a bright orange Orb light in the direction of the water itself. this was strange to me, as it almost looked like the sun, but the sun had set some time previously and i…

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UFO Sighting Large Rectangular Craft Telepathic Communication Reported

I have witnessed several orbs that are so similar to stars in the night sky that are moving and burning brighter and brighter almost illuminating for my attention. Then after one and a half hours of viewing taking pictures I used my video recorder on my I-phone to tape a triangular craft move over …

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Large Metallic Triangular UFOs emitting Red Orbs Reported

While observing stars in the milky way on a clear moonless night in a rural area with no light pollution, two Large Metallic Triangular UFOs appeared out of nowhere overhead, not close to each other. They were stationary for several minutes. UFO Sighting started emitting or discharging or launching…

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Strange Intelligent Bright White Orb

On August 3, 2020 at approximately 9:10 pm, my elderly mom and I were sitting in the dark, due to a power outage that occurred about 45 minutes prior. I was on the couch and she on a recliner, that faces a large glass sliding door and wall. It leads to an outdoor balcony that overlooks a small field…

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New York UFO Sightings Reports

In the Beginning of this Month of July 2020 their has been so far a total of five eyewitness UFO Sighting reports of strange Sphere's maneuvering in the skies over New York according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

7/1/20 Forest Hills Queens NY: One bright/reflective UFO Sighting moving N…

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Recurring Orb UFO Sightings Reported

I'm color-blind so grace on mistakes, please. This is a fourth time of similar UFO Sightings that date back to summer 2019 when I saw multiple UFO Sightings on the same day, in different locations and separated by around 2 hours each time. Those UFO Sightings were Blue-White Orbs, a Blue-White orb t…

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Camera Captures Huge Orbs Hovering over house

It started with Orbs, brought to my attention by my cat, captured on video camera, in the house and not seen for months. After seeing them on the video, I set up wireless, night vision security cameras in the house and captured Orbs coming through the walls and other solid objects. I captured these…

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Driving on I-76 near Gulf mills had a UFO Sighting with red blinking lights was going back in forth over the hill side. Then just suddenly the UFO stop over the highway and started beaming an blue beam of light down on the highway. Zig Zagging the light on the hills & the highway for about 1 to 2 m…

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Skeptic Law Officer Has First UFO Sighting

I’m from Norwalk Ohio. At 330am this morning 4/22/2020 I went outside to look at the meteor showers. I was looking around the area they suggested (around Vega) I looked up and saw what looked to be 3 orange orb like UFO Lights? Or something. I thought this UFO Sighting was some sort of meteor or s…

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UFOs Glowing V-Formation Ottawa Canada

5 UFOs that moved kind of like birds in a V formation, but were lit up and glowing in the dark night sky.

Saw 5 UFOs flying in a V formation on 4/23/20 that I initially thought were birds because of their organic movement, they were fluttering a bit instead of flying smoothly like a satellite or …

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