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Bright Orange Fireball Orb over Reservoir UK Reported

I was driving home past Foremark Reservoir, near Ticknall. along Repton road as I approached the reservoir main entrance, I noticed a bright orange Orb light in the direction of the water itself. this was strange to me, as it almost looked like the sun, but the sun had set some time previously and i…

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Disk Shaped Glowing Pulsating Extremely Large UFO Sighting Reported

I was sitting in my sun-room watching the sunset looking southeast toward the ocean 3 blocks away. I was engaged in watching Jupiter and Saturn come into view. All of a sudden a Disk Shaped Glowing Pulsating Extremely Large UFO Sighting popped into view. When my brain noted it was there, UFO Sighti…

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Latest UFO Sighting Reported Circle Shaped Craft with Lots of windows Brooklyn

UFO Sighting of a Circle Shape Craft with lots of windows and lights floated past my window. Lights ran down the top and bottom from left to right red and blue and yellow but white light lit up like strobes it's made no noise and floated behind the buildings over Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn. I was …

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Strange Intelligent Bright White Orb

On August 3, 2020 at approximately 9:10 pm, my elderly mom and I were sitting in the dark, due to a power outage that occurred about 45 minutes prior. I was on the couch and she on a recliner, that faces a large glass sliding door and wall. It leads to an outdoor balcony that overlooks a small field…

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Oval Egg UFO Surrounded in a burning light

I decided to walk out and check the mail at about 11pm when I looked up and saw what I thought at first was a shooting star, but then realized it was too low and slow for that. It resembled a "artillery shell" firework, except it was massive and there was no sound. It was Egg Shaped traveling from t…

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