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UFO followed my vehicle for over 2 hours and 110 miles Washington State

I was heading south on highway 195 out of Spokane, Washington when I noticed two separate UFO Sightings of a strange light formations to the east. They both had one large white light with a small red light underneath. They also each had another smaller white light about half the size of the main whi…

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UFO Sighting Blinking Changing Shape Color Reported Quebec

I discovered a UFO Sighting video this Thursday, October 1, 2020 of an observation that took place 5 years ago. My spouse who had filmed the event had lost this video and it was then that I recently found it on my personal computer. On August 2, 2015 at 9:10 pm I was the first to ob…

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UFO Sighting of a Chinese Kind see video?

Central Illinois near Peoria Illinois Sept. 6th 2020 at 8:pm I was driving my car on the lane I live on out in the country, I seen this and jumped out of my car to take this video 4 separate UFOs I was only able to get three on video. Showed this to my neighbor he says its a Chinese lantern it di…

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A Physics Defying UFO Sighting Encounter Reported Arizona

It was around 1:15 am, Saturday night, Sunday morning. when I decided to go out and have a cigarette. first, I looked out my northern facing window. to check for animals, etc. and i saw what i first thought to be a normal plane or aircraft heading from the north/northeast direction. coming towards t…

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UFO Sighting Encounter Causes Time Shift Texas

Went to make a security round. Turned left corner and immediately raised my left arm, to shield my eyes to the unexpected bright, vibrant light.

I viewed a arrowhead shaped UFO spewing out white, yellow and red lava type material from the right side of the fuselage. First 2 seconds of seeing craf…

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Hoovering UFO Sighting Became Visible when I flashed a light

First I am a veteran and worked on aircraft when in military, am not a nut case. This "UFO Sighting" happened a couple of weeks ago. If it hadn't been an unusual event I wouldn't have reported it. This is what happened everything happened in just a few seconds. It was late dusk I couldn't see the …

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Large Metallic Triangular UFOs emitting Red Orbs Reported

While observing stars in the milky way on a clear moonless night in a rural area with no light pollution, two Large Metallic Triangular UFOs appeared out of nowhere overhead, not close to each other. They were stationary for several minutes. UFO Sighting started emitting or discharging or launching…

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Forgotten UFO Sighting Flap of 1968

On the night of September 4, 1964 in Cisco Grove, California, Donald Shrum encountered some mysterious Alien creatures while on a bow hunting trip with friends. As Shrum was heading alone back to camp, he heard a sound in the brush that he thought might have been a bear, but soon realized that tha…

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UFO Photo from bedroom window during lightning storm

I was filming a massive electrical storm out of my bedroom window and at about 19 seconds in to it a craft of some type comes into view from the left hand side and flies across the screen at about a 30 degree angle in a straight line, then the craft changes to a steeper angle and accelerates off fas…

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