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UFO hovering over ocean headed onshore reported

As I went outside to let my dog out, I happened to look up and sighted a Glowing Pink UFO in the sky with a Brighter, almost Yellowish Center, coming on shore and slowly moving west. As the UFO Sighting moved closer, roughly 500ft to a quarter mile to my north, I realized I had my phone in my pocket…

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Hovering Gray Metallic Square Rectangular UFO Sighting Reported

I saw the first of two UFO Sightings on June 4th at about 7:30 pm pst. The first Sighting was on June 4th. after I parked and turned off my car in the Raley's grocery store parking lot off Howe Ave and Fair Oaks Blvd. in Sacramento, I sat for a second listening to the radio. I looked in my driver's …

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Oval UFO Sighting No Lights Hovering Reported

A Dark Gray Colored Craft. I had stopped at a stop sign to my right I looked up just above tree level and noticed a Dark Gray UFO hovering sitting still. The UFO Sighting seemed to be watching me. No noise or lights coming from the object. It was almost dark but not quit. I live in a very rural a…

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Reported UFO Sighting Mississauga Canada

A large UFO Sighting with very bright lights that obscured exact shape. UFO Sighting was hovering stationary in the sky at 10:30 (22:30) p.m 4/16/20. We could stay no longer to observe so only had half hour of observation time. Seemed to be positioned due north of us, perhaps somewhere around Pearso…

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Large Tube Shaped UFO Hovering

above HE Thomas Parkway and 46A. At about 12:30 AM on April 18th, 2020 (last night), I saw what at first looked like lights from a plane very low at H.E. Thomas Parkway and 46A just near and above the 7-11. Then I realized it was hovering. There was nobody on the road so I slowed down and stopped fo…

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UFO Descended Hovered & Landed

I am reporting a UFO Sighting that is of the same UFO craft as reported earlier. I was facing west when the UFO Sighting entered my view from the north. this was a little different than the other three sightings. I first noticed what I thought was a flock of cowbirds. but as I observed the object it…

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