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Floating Hovering Reflective UFO Sighting Reported

I was alerted by my wife of UFO Sighting floating above us at about 1:44 pm Casa Grande Feb 22, 2021 UFO Sighting was headed ne very slowly then stop floated around in small area of sky less than football field 10000 feet looked to me like a balloon my wife thought reflective watched UFO Sighting f…

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Black UFO Sighting Circle Top Saturn Like Rings Reported

I went up to the roof to gaze at what looked like two blinking stars. I had my binoculars with me and I was looking to my left and then toward the ocean. I live across from the beach and over the water I saw blinking lights. I decided to go home and as I turned around I saw a bright not blinking obj…

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Latest UFO Sighting Reported over Galway New York

Last nite10/28/2020 as I walked outside at 19:15 I noticed a series of UFO lights across the street from house, low in sky and hovering. It went from 3 UFO lights to about 10 sometimes and was not moving I estimate about a thousand feet up. I started filming it with my phone and then took a bunch …

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