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UFO Sighting sound penetrated my whole being

I lived in a mobile home park. I was in a three bedroom trailer with my bedroom on the far end. I heard it first around 3 in the morning. a very loud rhythmic sound a buzzing or humming of sorts. UFO Sighting sound penetrated my whole being. It was as though it was alive. Blue lights were coming t…

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Latest UFO Sighting Communicating with Triangle Craft

I had 3 UFO sightings prior to this one. I was outside at night stargazing. 1/2 mile down my street over a house came enormous lights. moved slowly towards me with no sound about 50 feet off the ground. It moved directly over my head. I did not feel any fear. I stood there frozen and shocked. I flas…

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Black Triangular Shaped UFO Watching Me

Headed home I   noticed a really bright stationary flashing UFO in the distance on 1-19 on a clear night at 6:50 pm   it was flashing red, green, and white. First noticed it at the southwest, at 210 degrees. There were absolutely no other known aircraft   in the sky at the time. Still hovering as I…

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UFO Sighting Pyramid shaped bottom row of portal lights reported

UFO Sighting looked like a 4 or 5 layered pyramid, layered by very low glowing lights or windows shaped in a extended oval shape. At first I thought it might be birds, but it was extremely high. And there was no flex or movement in the shape. The speed was unbelievable. I was observing a satellite w…

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UFO Sighting Up Close and Personal Reported

Observed a oval shaped UFO Sighting which was a green translucent color. it moved from the west and stopped very abruptly in a field to the left off the road we were traveling on. As we drove closer to its location it disappeared and it left a tracer that didn't linger. The whole experience may not …

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UFO Sighting nightly in eastern sky 10-13-14 for hours

On nights when no other stars are visible through overcast skies, this UFO Sighting is prominent in the eastern sky at about 45 degrees above the horizon. UFO Sighting does move but so slow as to be imperceptible. When observed after an hour from original sighting, object has risen to 75 degrees ab…

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Hoovering UFO Sighting Became Visible when I flashed a light

First I am a veteran and worked on aircraft when in military, am not a nut case. This "UFO Sighting" happened a couple of weeks ago. If it hadn't been an unusual event I wouldn't have reported it. This is what happened everything happened in just a few seconds. It was late dusk I couldn't see the …

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