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Dark Grey Tube Shaped UFO Sighting Reported over Montana

I was asleep and my daughter woke me up saying mom there is a tube flying outside. So I got up and saw a cigar shaped UFO flying very slowly. It was about 400-500 ft. up and you could see the lights from town shining on the bottom of the craft. UFO Sighting was dark gray or black in color with some…

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Cigar Shaped Metallic UFO Sighting Reported

I was turning on the sprinkler to water my vegetable garden, and noticed that there were a lot of exceptionally active birds fluttering around my home. This drew my attention to the sky, where I observed an apparently Cigar Shaped Metallic UFO moving south across the eastern sky. I have a flight ra…

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White Cylinder UFO disappears in a blink of an eye

I was on my way to work when I witnessed a small white dot in the sky moving from west to northwest.

I didn’t pay much attention thinking it was an airplane. Suddenly it got moved my direction so much that I noticed it was a white cylinder UFO. Then suddenly it change to a gray metallic cylinde…

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Anatomy of a UFO sighting

Time: approximately 5:30 pm EDT. Location: est. 50-75 miles south of Fort Lauderdale International Airport Florida on the approach to runway 20-r. Weather: Scattered clouds and thunderstorms in the area estimate 5-7 mile visibility. UFO Shape: Cylindrical Cigar Shaped with semi-pointed ends. Colo…

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Enormous Cigar Shaped UFO Reported

I received an internal prompting to go outside. It was well past my normal bedtime. upon stepping outside, I immediately felt a presence and looked up to see an enormous Cigar Shaped UFO! above the field by my house. I have never seen anything this large or this shape in the sky before now! I froze …

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