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Disk Shaped Glowing Pulsating Extremely Large UFO Sighting Reported

I was sitting in my sun-room watching the sunset looking southeast toward the ocean 3 blocks away. I was engaged in watching Jupiter and Saturn come into view. All of a sudden a Disk Shaped Glowing Pulsating Extremely Large UFO Sighting popped into view. When my brain noted it was there, UFO Sighti…

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Hoovering Blimp Type UFO Sighting California

On the morning of June 12th 2020 at approximately 11:15 am my son and I were driving up to a stop sign, traveling east, as I was approaching the stop sign I noticed a small blimp like structure. Silver white in appearance hovering above the homes near the stop sign. As I noticed it I asked my son to…

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Silent UFO flying fast over California

Four neighbors were sitting in our street (no street lights). we heard a commercial jet fly high above which is a typical flight path for San Jose or San Fran airports. The jet was approximately 20 k feet up. Below the jet and going in a similar direction (from south to north), we saw an UFO that ha…

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