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Very oddly shaped grey UFO Sighting Reported UK

While driving south down Whitworth road at Approx. 1300 I happened to glance up and notice a very oddly shaped UFO Sightings this craft seem to drift across the road at an altitude of somewhere between 200-300 feet. UFO Sighting was moving like a balloon but was quite unlike any I have ever seen. B…

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UFO Descended Hovered & Landed

I am reporting a UFO Sighting that is of the same UFO craft as reported earlier. I was facing west when the UFO Sighting entered my view from the north. this was a little different than the other three sightings. I first noticed what I thought was a flock of cowbirds. but as I observed the object it…

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Large Boomerang UFO Sighting Reported North Carolina

Going out about 1:15 am on 4/23 to walk dog, look up to see stars on a very clear night. Looking for possible meteors, a UFO Sighting caught my eye, it was a whitish large boomerang shape maybe about 300 ft up, traveling east to west over l avenue in Kure Beach NC. UFO Sighting was silent, traveling…

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