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Latest UFO Sighting Video Experienced over Texas, USA on May 13, 2017

UFO Sighting witness Submitter Description: Hanging out with some friends, when one of them noticed an odd UFO Sighting in the sky. We walked into the street to see what was going on, when we noticed strange lights in the sky. I took pictures and video of the instance. The UFOs seemed to just …

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Falcon Lake UFO Encounter 50th Anniversary Weekend

Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the Falcon Lake UFO Encounter by Stefan Michalak (a.k.a. the Falcon Lake Incident). It endures as Canada’s most documented UFO case, as well as one of the most compelling and remarkable UFO cases of all time, anywhere.

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Washington State ranks top 5 for UFO Sightings reports

Washington ranks among top 5 for UFO sightings, says author of new book
"Her interest in UFOs stem from her personal UFO sightings, Cheryl Costa said, but her drive to write about sightings came from reading a short news story claiming UFO sightings had fallen off. The report suggeste…

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