Government UFO Research Portals that can be of use for anyone interested in researching the UFO Phenomena. If you have a UFO related website link that you would like to have listed here please feel free to forward us the link in our comment section. 

Peer-reviewed study (2019):

FBI Memo:

General Twining Letter:

declassified USAFE 14 doc:

SCU Nimitz 2004 Paper:

paper - physical evidence:

UK Files:

UK Reports:

French Files:

Spain Files:

Canada Files:

Australian Files:

Brazil Files:

Denmark Files

French Cometa Report:

New Zealand Files:

200 cases in Spain and Portugal:

Cases involving vehicle interference:

The Hynek Ufo Report:

Cases with Physical Traces:

A Study on secondary Effects:

29 March 2010 ICOD: 1 December 2009 DIA-08-1003-015 Advanced Space Propulsion Based оп Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering:

UFO Map (USA):


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