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Robert Bingham LIVE at Elysian Park Amazing UFO Sighting Video Must See

July 22, 2017

7/16/17 In the hills above Dodger Stadium CA, Robert Bingham Summons UFO Sightings to his location. Watch as a few of these UFOs appear to his location along with Jay Lee. It was an exciting event. Join us as we see unusual objects "UFOs" that appeared after being called to our location. This was no accident. This is what to expect with the man known as the Summoner. Must See UFO Video  



Cylinder Shaped UFO Sighting rotating on axis 7/16/17 over Manhattan New York reported

July 20, 2017

UFO Sighting Cylinder Shape Manhattan NY 71617

I was at my local Gym in NYC doing Pilates on my mat, starting out the large windows when a Large Cylinder Shaped UFO Sighting appeared in the sky that was moving towards the east overhead it rotated like Drill with 4 lights only on one side and they would only show on that side after it made a full rotation soon after it appeared 3-4 small Saucer or Sphere type UFOs were in and out around it following it. This UFO Sighting thing was clear as day of what I saw and it looked exactly as the UFO that was filmed in UK by officers. UFO Rotated just like it and off axis, same light pattern as it rotated. This UFO thing had to be hundreds of feet long. It definitely was in sky for what I viewed for over 5 minutes and then after it all passed overhead I was not able to view the UFO any longer. I have video and photos below but man iPhone doesn't explain the vividness of what my eyes saw. mufon cms# 85217 (Note photo above is an illustration of  UFO)

Latest UFO Sighting Metallic Cone Glass Cylinder 7/16/17 Hamilton CA.

July 20, 2017

Drawing of rocket shape UFO Sighting Hamilton ON CA 71617

The UFO Sighting went from s/w to s/e and made no noise. My daughter said it was probably a Chinese lantern floating, but it was going from E to W and the wind always comes up from the States from the S/E. It would have turned the UFO in the direction of the wind if it were a Chinese lantern. One blow up picture I included show a donut shape and you could see the sky thought it at times. UFO travelled about maybe 500 feet above ground and had NO flashing lights like a plane. This UFO had a metallic cone shaped top and what looked like a glass cylinder center and what looked like 2 metallic tubes under the UFO as TV cable and then a Telephone cable. mufon cms# 85204

Dark Black UFO Sighting with what appeared to be Jagged Shape Kenner CA

July 19, 2017

Kenner CA July 4 2017 Black UFO Sighting report NYUFO

UFO Sighting Occurred on July 4th 2017 Kenner CA. It was just after sunset, and I was looking at the moon in the SE sky, when I was startled to witness a Dark Black UFO with what appeared to be a "jagged" shape. I was really taken aback because this UFO Sighting was pitch black against the blue sky. I tried to figure out if it was a drone, but I heard no noise and saw no lights. UFO traveled from the south in a straight line moving NNE. UFO disappeared over Lake Ponchatrain. The distance the UFO traveled had to be at least 2 miles. UFO was hard to estimate the height. The UFO took approx. 1 minute to travel across the sky. I ran to get my camera, but the batteries were dead!!! Is it possible this was a drone? This is the oddest thing I've ever seen in the sky, and I'm an amateur astronomer. Hoping someone else might have seen it, because if you looked up around that time, there is NO WAY you could have missed it. source

3 UFOs Sighted together then separate during storm over Parker/Aurora, Colorado

July 19, 2017

Black ufo sighting report Parker Aurora CO 6-15-2017

Moving 3 darker UFOs Sighted Occurring on 6/7/2017 4:45pm  between approx. Parker/Aurora (perhaps Smokey Hill ) area over E-470 Parker/Franktown –
Every so often UFOs would rotate and Project Beam of Light. Perhaps 10-15 miles away from viewer. UFObjects spotted and perhaps 10 minuets total observation.
Speculation the UFOs were there before viewer spotted them initially. UFOs initially appear to be somehow connected as they undulated together in the sky as if they were connected, but later one of the UFOs broke pattern with the other two and did its own maneuver and then returned to the other two, and then the three of them continued maneuvers together.
Due to the undulating pattern, it is not thought they were just one UFO such as a dark plane with three lights (since one did separate from the two and then later rejoin) since the viewer has witnessed planes heading to or from DEN as the viewer knows the flight path over East of Parker Road and basically down E-470 to DEN. UFOs went higher in elevation, lower in elevation, east, west, north, and south – moving further away and then closer in several different patterns, some looping, some more block-style in nature. Ball lightening ruled out since ball lightening doesn’t last this long. Total movement from time noticed until they disappear into the passing storm that was hitting Aurora area at this time was maybe 10-30 miles.
This seems too far for a controlled drone or drones and drones don’t seem to be able to fly in unison like UFOs. Drones also don’t seem to have such bright lights as UFO Sighting were maybe 10-15 miles away. UFOs did not appear to be metallic, but some kind of darker material, so doesn’t resemble photos seen of weather balloons, and weather balloons don’t seem to have lights or ones that were so bright as the UFOs did.
UFOs were making various loops, appearing to stop in mid-air, rapidly going from left/right (West/East) but were generally following either an Easterly or North-Easterly direction. During this same time, a large storm with hail, rain and lightning was passing from West to East north of the viewers position with the objects between the viewer and the storm. If this was under human control, why were these maneuvers being carried out extremely close to a monster of a storm? The viewer cannot think of any plane, drone, etc that can make such maneuvers.
iPhone 6 video was captured (2 min 45 sec) in zoomed in mode. No rain at time. Video shows birds flying around and trees for perspective. Video is a bit shaky. There was no water on the camera since it was not raining yet when the video was taken. Viewers voice can be heard on video wondering what they are. UFOs were seen by viewers eyes and captured on video. Still images are taken from the captured video since the video is somewhat shaky. source

Latest UFO Sighting Chrome UFO with lots of pipe like tube appendages photo NJ.

July 18, 2017

chrome UFO Sighting with lots of pipe like tube appendages NJ 7-16-17

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on July 16th 2017 over New Jersey report reads as follows: My brother and I were outside, when we noticed what we thought to be a star in the sky. It was a shiny speck. We both ran inside and grabbed my camera, which had a 250x zoom lense with 18 megapixels. We took 4 photos. We went back inside to look at the pictures, and in awe we realized they were shaped oddly and had pipes. It wasn't a star at all. Thinking it was a UFO, we went back outside to take more pictures and it was already gone. mufon cms# 85169

Vertical Metal UFO Sighting floating across the sky Laguna Woods CA.

July 17, 2017

UFO Sighting reported On Friday, June 10, 2017 @ 5:15pm it was a cool evening not a cloud in the blue sky. I was sitting on my balcony in Laguna Woods talking to a friend facing East. While gazing at Saddleback mountain I noticed a shimmering metal shaped UFO in the sky & thought it was a plane at first. As I kept my eye on it I realized that it was too vertical looking to be a plane so I grabbed my binoculars to see what it was. While looking through the binoculars I saw a pulsating red light coming from within the center column of the UFO Sighting, couldn't see the red light without the binoculars so I decided to grab my DSLR camera 16-270mm lens to take a few shots of it & look at it through my viewfinder. The UFO moved out of view before I could grab my tripod to get better shots. The consecutive shots shows that the UFO Sighting was changing in appearance & I believe rotating in circles while moving west in a straight line across the sky towards the ocean. mufon cms# 85140 UFO Sighting occurred on June 10th 2017 over the area of Laguna Woods California.

Large Rectangular UFO hovering in Lone Pine CA reported at night by two witnesses

July 16, 2017

Two Rectangle UFO Sightings over Lone Pine CA 6-28-08

UFO Sightings Summary: My friend and I saw a flat, large, rectangular (with curved corners), dark grayish UFO with three lights on the underside, gliding silently in the air in Lone Pine, CA. It was moving slowly southbound, over the countryside to the west of US-395 near the intersection of Whitney Portal Rd. and S. Brewery St. 

Details: At around 10:30pm on 7/28/2008, my friend and I were outside of our car on Whitney Portal Rd. near the intersection of Roy Rogers Rd. in Lone Pine, CA. It was dark and we were looking at stars with a telescope. While I was on the telescope, my friend looked down Whitney Portal Rd. towards Main St. and spotted the UFO, and said "What the f...?". A few seconds later, I pulled away from telescope and asked "What?" and looked up and saw it. It was silent, gray-black, rectangular shaped UFO and slowly gliding southbound. UFO Sighting appeared to be about 150-200 feet above the ground, and approximately 50-60 ft in length, 20-30 ft deep and about 10-15 ft thick, with rounded corners and three dim round lights on the underside. When my friend first spotted the UFO he says it appeared to become semi-translucent and then solid. When I saw the UFO, it was solid, blackish-gray but very dim. It was the shape of a huge, dark sardine can -- rectangular with rounded corners. UFO slowly glided behind some trees. I wanted to run towards it, but my friend was scared and said "No". I eventually convinced him to let us drive down to where it was, but when we went to the other side of the trees, it was no longer there. I convinced him for us to go back the next night (same time and location) but we did not see anything. mufon cms# 85126 UFO Sighting occurred over Lone Pine CA on June 28th 2008

UFO flew along left of airplane Split into two equal size glowing UFOs Newark NJ.

July 16, 2017

Newark New Jersey UFO Sliver Orb Sighting reported 7-15-17

Latest UFO Sighting reported On Saturday, July 15, 2017 at approximately 6-6:10pm, I was standing outside a drug store, finishing a cigarette before entering the store. I looked up at the sky over the park across the street and noticed an airplane, likely a 747, flying southeast and away from me. A UFO egg or spherical shaped, perhaps 1/8th the size of the airplane, was seemingly flying along side the plane's left. The UFO Sighting appeared to be a dull white or light gray in color. The airplane drifted to the right, separating from the UFO, while the egg/sphere maintained a straight path. I didn't pay attention to the course of the airplane since I was fixed on the UFO. My first thought was that it was a balloon, because it was still bright enough at that time of day to make out the shape clearly, and I believed that perhaps it might have been an illusion of perspective. That was until I focused more clearly and noticed the UFO moved in a straight path and at about the same speed as the airplane. It also didn't have the wobbliness of a balloon in mid air. As it continued to move farther away, it split into two UFOs that appeared to be equal in size and shape. I still thought this could possibly be a balloon, or perhaps a bunch of balloons that separated in the air, but the UFO never appeared to be a cluster or bunch as it initially looked like a single, clear defined shape. Both UFOs then flew parallel and equidistant from each other, in the same direction. As they moved further away from me, they became brighter as if glowing, then disappeared or faded away in the distance. I never thought to try to record the sight with my cell phone since I wasn't sure what I was seeing until it was too late and the two UFOs were too far for my phone to record clearly. mufon cms# 85126 UFO Sighting occurred over New Jersey on 7/15/17

Kingston Ontario Black Balloon S Shape UFO Sighting 7-14-17

July 15, 2017

Kingston Ontario Black Balloon shape UFO Sighting 7-14-17

UFO Sighting reported of a Black S shaped spinning balloon hovers at noon,then takes off at a 45 degree angle back up into space within seconds after. On July 14, 2017, at 12:15pm, I was walking west on South Bartlett St. in Kingston, Ontario, when I notice a UFO Sighting of a Black S shaped balloon, spinning aerodynamically a mile up in the sky, and a mile South  East of me as though it was flat on the ground. I happen to be beside three guys work near a moving van and asked them to look up at the strange black thing in the sky. They all starred with me for 30 seconds and I asked what they thought it was. One guy said, "It's probably a drone. Or probably not "with a puzzled look. The other two said they thought it was strange. I said its maybe a kite and continued walking to the corner, but kept watching the UFO.

As I came to the corner, a tree blocked my view, but as I was able to see it again past the tree, I was shocked to see that it had projected itself in the trajectory of my eyesight and itself approximately 50-100 miles away and on a 45 degree angle that went straight towards space. I tried to grab my camera but didn't want to take my eye off it, and within 5 seconds, it was so tiny that it disappeared into the sky at a steady, but rapid speed. I went back to the truck and asked the three guys if they had continued watching it after I left and they said no. I speculated it was like the UFO sensed it was noticed by me and took off when the guys stopped looking and when my vision was blocked by the tree I had passed.

I am a average working man and haven't seen anything my whole life except for now two UFO Sightings ( including this one) in the last two years and I just turned 40. Strange thing is I had just left my friends house after telling him a theory about how we as humans are the top predators and think zombies are scary, but if we had a new predator, an Alien one, that we would find whatever shape the Alien was to be horrifying and our instincts would change to fear the sight of them and that we would become uncivilized and not be able to be in groups, as we would be easily targeted by this new predator that we don't even know exists yet. For some reason I think such a horrible race of "monsters" exist in space just waiting forsure numbers to get to a certain point like they have for generations. Waiting till the earth is full of humans than coming down and harvesting us all spare a few to re- colonize. Just a theory, but a mortifying one one is reluctant to ponder on.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and he sounded to us to be sincere and sober-minded. We have encouraged him to have at least one of the other four alleged witnesses to submit a supplementary report, for confirmation. PD))  

Investigating the “Spook lights” UFO Sightings phenomenon in Alabama

July 14, 2017

Spook Lights Alabama UFO Phenomena

Cloverdale UAP Project: Investigating the “Spook lights” UFO Sightings phenomenon in Alabama. Most ufologists are keenly aware of the frequent reports of what people often refer to as “orbs” which lacks much clarity. The term is often used to describe objects that turn out to be everything from Chinese lanterns, to ball plasma, and even navigation lights on aircraft. Open Minds Production UFO Sightings Phenomena

CIA releases ten new files about the UFO Sightings investigations

July 14, 2017

CIA Releases New UFO Sightings Files 2017

The newly declassified UFO Sighting documents reveal that in 1952 alone there were almost one hundred incidents relating to the UFO Sighting phenomenon which the CIA had deemed to be ‘inexplicable’. The report states that the testimony upon which the files were compiled were ‘believable’ but that agents from the intelligence agency had no idea what could have possibly caused them. An agent from the CIA wrote that the situation would continue to be monitored and that there ought to be no reports made to the public about the nature of the bizarre investigations.

According to a spokesperson for the CIA, these newly declassified UFO Sighting files have been released to the public to coincide with the release of a new series of the cult science-fiction television program, the X-Files. “We have decided to release to publicity a few files that even the most skeptical individuals will find appealing. Five of these files are fit for “X-Files” Agent Fox Mulder, but the other five files are perfect for his skeptical partner, Agent Dana Scully, ” the spokesperson explained.

However, this explanation has been treated dubiously by some UFO researchers who think that the re-release of the X-Files is nothing more than a convenient pretext for the CIA to release the documents to the general public. It is believed that the CIA wish to eventually disclose the existence of alien activity on this planet but that they want to gently ease the public into the disclosures so as not to engender mass panic or a breakdown of social control in light of the revelations.

In recent years, there have been murmurings that those in the highest positions of power in the world are gearing up to make a revelation about the existence of UFO extra-terrestrial life on Earth. In December 2012, the Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev revealed that every leader of the Kremlin is briefed about the activities of extra-terrestrial beings on the planet. However, after the sensational revelation, the former president of the Russian Federation appeared to go silent on the topic. Could it be that all will be revealed shortly? Only time will tell. source Vikash Singhania  CIA releases ten new files about the UFO investigations

Army Basic Training 1980 Three Triangle shaped UFO Sightings reported

July 14, 2017

Triangle UFO Military Sighting 1980

In US Army Basic training, one night in 1980 I was assigned to BTU Unit E-10, one night looked out window and viewed 3 bright triangles shape UFOs that were bright lighted. There moved in a parallel patters backwards towards a water tower. Looked up and saw a large Cigar shaped UFO craft between 500 to 800 ft. straight up from my window. There were no clouds and it was a clear night. The area was quiet being an army training center for Military Police. The horizontal section running the length of the UFO was dimly lit in a kind of Orange/dull white light. 

The Cigar shaped UFO craft moved slowly but would move from East to West in a short intermittent pattern. I watched it for about 10 minutes until it disappeared. I have never reported this event although I have related it to my family. I have never forgotten it or ever will. 

I called for the Duty Drill Sgt. to come up to view, he briefly looked out the window, then yelled to the few soldiers to get to bed. We did, but when he left I continued to view it as the window was near my bunk. mufon cms# 85081

Waco Texas 1954 Military UFO Sighting Reported Formation Flying Disks

July 13, 2017

Waco Texas 1954 UFO Sighting Formation Flying Disks

I was in advanced flying school at James Connally AFB,in Waco Texas in the last two weeks of my training to become a jet fighter pilot.It was a clear bright blue sky.and we had just come down from flying T-33 Jet trainers with our instructors.It was about three o'clock in the afternoon and we had just landed, about twenty of us including our instructors,and as I was walking into the flight shack with my parachute over my back, I looked down the ramp to my left and saw many people out on the ramp looking up into the sky. I turned around and looked up into the northeast of the clear blue sky and saw three "V" formations of glowing white UFO flying saucers. I told all of my fellow cadets and instructors to look up.There were 33 UFOs altogether.There were 15 UFOs in the middle "V" and 9 UFOs in each of the other "V's on each side of the big "V". These UFOs were moving slowly from the northeast to the southwest. When they got at a 50 degree angle above us, the second UFO saucer in the little "V" on the left side fell out of formation and fell like a falling leaf to the left. At that point, the entire UFO Sighting formations stopped in midair. The falling UFO saucer stopped falling and got control of itself and flew horizontally over to a position right under it's little "V" and then went straight up into its position in the little "V".Then all three "V'S" UFOs made a left climbing turn to the southeast and climbed on out into space at about a 45 to 50 degree angle and were out of sight in about 3 to 4 minutes. My instructor and an other ran into the flight shack and called Wing headquarters for permission to take a T-33 to fly up to them when we first saw them. Our T-33's had a limited ceiling of 39,000 feet with the wing fuel tanks. The tower told them that they were watching them and had done a triangulation with a theodolite and had determined that the saucers were at 100,000 feet and were 100 feet in diameter. We all just looked at each other and realized that there was a civilization far superior to ours and it was like we were in the dark ages compared to them. I had wanted to run back to my cadet housing to get my camera to take a picture of this UFO Sighting, but we cadets were not allowed to leave the flight line except in formation. I thought that there would be pictures in the paper the next day,but there were no pictures or any comments about them. The Air Force had really squelched any news about them. However the "tower" had to keep a detailed record of the UFO Sighting which was an Air Force regulation. I am sure that the record was deleted. There were thousands of people in Waco that saw them so somewhere there has to be a record of the incident. I went on to become a jet fighter pilot with the 452nd Fighter Day Squadron and 322nd Fighter Day Group during the Korean War, but never saw combat. mufon cms# 85061 UFO Sighting report Waco Texas 1954

Butte Montana UFO Sighting reported Two Hovering UFOs with red and deep turquoise-blue lights

July 13, 2017

Red Blue UFO Light Sighting logo

On July 4, 2017, at 22:23 p.m. (Mountain Daylight Time), in Butte Montana, to the south at over 2000 feet elevation (the mountains one mile to the east rise 2000 feet above my location and the UFO Sighting seemed at least that high) I saw an unknown UFO, I’ll call it UFO #1. It appeared as two distinct lights: pulsating blue-turquoise light on its left, and constant red light to the right.

The UFO appeared to be hovering and not moving much. The UFO was in about the same location as another type of  UFO I saw a few minutes earlier (see my other report). I watched UFO #1 for a while and then I saw another UFO Sighting that looked exactly the same in the West; I’ll refer to it as UFO #2. The UFO #2 was about the same altitude as #1. Then realizing it is something unusual with two of the same UFOs, I went inside to get my binoculars and iPad. Both #1 and #2 were hovering and visible when I went inside.

While inside,UFO #1 disappeared. Using binoculars, I took a closer look at UFO #2 and could see not two lights but a string of 4 round red lights to the right and below the blue lights. The blue lights were 3 or 4 and round as well and only the blue were pulsating. The lights were parallel to each other (blue on top red on bottom) but they were not perpendicular to the ground. They were higher to the right and lower to the left when viewed. Also the blue lights were not directly above the red but offset a little to the left: Blue Blue Blue Blue Red Red Red Red. The lights were very distinct or solid and not at all like aircraft lights. I am a few miles north of the airport, but there were no airplane or helicopter sounds, and the objects I saw were relatively motionless.

I proceeded to take a photo followed by a 4 minute plus video of UFO #2 on my iPad. The photo and video are not at all as clear as I could see with the naked eye. However, when I zoom on the photo, I can see the 4 red lights in a row as I described. The photo didn’t capture the blue light which must have been “off” in the pulsating cycle. On the video, the pulsating lights seem more white than the deep turquoise blue I experienced.

Many people in the area were setting off their personal Fourth of July fireworks as seen in the video. However, #2 hovers over the spectacle below. After four minutes or so, I quit taking video and after 10 minutes from the first sighting of UFO #1, UFO #2 descended slowly out of view behind some trees. Shortly before I saw #1, and immediately after UFO # 2 disappeared, I saw 3 other UFO Sightings of a different type and will report the UFO Sighting of those in a separate report. (( Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and he seemed to us to be unusually serious-minded and sincere. We suspect that he is a highly reliable witness. PD))

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