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UFO Sighting Silver Disk Dome in the center about 20-30 feet diameter Milton Florida

August 19, 2017

Milton Florida Disk Shaped drawing UFO Sighting 2009

UFO Sighting Report: My memory on the date is the only thing that is foggy, it was either 2009 or 2010, making me either 19 or 20. The UFO Sighting occurred at approximately at coordinates 30.741037-86.987174 on Steel Bridge Rd. in Milton, FL, which is right beside Whiting Field South. Two of my friends and I had arrived to the area in the afternoon, maybe 2-3 pm, to set up a campsite for some other friends that were joining us there later that evening. Steel Bridge Rd. itself is used mostly by the local canoe rental company as a drop off point into Black Water River, and isn't really a campsite per say. There must have been the off season (Fall or Spring) because the road was usually very busy with river goers, but no one was on the road that day. Seeing as we weren't really sure about the legality of camping at the time, we had parked farther down Steel Bridge Rd. and were walking towards the river (East of where we parked) with a tent, a couple chairs, etc.

We were about by said coordinates, when I looked up to the tree line to our right and noticed what could only be described as a stereotypical "UFO" flying saucer. UFO Sighting was fairly small only slightly larger than a car or truck, maybe roughly 20-30 ft in diameter, and silver in color. UFO was a disk shape, but had a slight dome in the center that could maybe have fit 2 - 3 people. UFO was hovering maybe 10-15 feet about the pine trees, and making NO sound whatsoever. I pointed it out to my friends and we couldn't help but start laughing and pointing at it out of shock as it looked like nothing we had ever seen before. There was absolutely no way it could have been anything besides a 'flying saucer.' UFO. It was well lit outside and we could clearly see the craft as it was only 100 - 200 ft from us. As we were pointing at it, it must have noticed us as well because it went from a totally stationary position to moving towards the river, where we were also heading (Eastward). UFO moved under 5! mph in a seemingly straight line, staying about the treetops, and not venturing over the road. I looked down for maybe a split second (probably to see where my phone was to take a picture) and looked back up and the UFO was already about 300 feet away. And then it was across the river and out of our sight over the tree line in a matter of a couple seconds. It was in the middle of the day so it really didn't feel creepy to us at the time. We were more astounded than anything.

The next morning, we woke up to the sounds of "Reveille" being played on horns, and it sounded like it was coming from the east side of the river which was the direction the UFO flew (we were camping on the west bank). The Naval Air Station however was about 5 miles southwest of where we were camping. I make this note because at the time I thought the horns were just from the Naval Air Station, but as I've thought about it, this really doesn't make any sense. Not only did the horns sound MUCH closer than 5 miles away, they sounded like they came in from the direction where the UFO flew, which was in the opposite direction of the base. Maybe they were camping out in the woods experimenting with with the aircraft? source nuforc.org

Latest UFO Sighting report 8-11-17 Fire in the Sky Dalton MN U.S.

August 17, 2017

latest ufo sighting reported over Dalton MN 8-11-17

I was sitting on my east porch at 11:15 PM enjoying the stars when this UFO Sighting came out of the west and sped across the sky. Then it stopped and reversed course and disappeared behind some trees. UFO reappeared and started to go back to the direction it had came from when it went up into the sky. Then from the other side (east) came down another UFO and up from the bottom came up one. Then there was an explosion in the direction the first UFO had flown. I thought that maybe the first UFO had exploded. No sound but I could tell it was an explosion because first there was a white light, surrounded by a deep orange that faded into a pale orange. I just happened to be looking for the UFO when I saw the explosion, that only lasted for a blink of a eye. Then the first UFO flew under the explosion toward the east. The other two UFO were stationary. The first UFO joined the other two and made a triangle. The triangle was stationary for a moment and then as I watched they faded into the NE sky and then disappeared. As far as how I felt, I was fascinated and in awe. It didn't frighten me. I actually felt proud that I had seen them. This is the third time I have sighted them but this was the first one that lasted so long. mufon cms# 85980

UFO Sighting reported to move and would then flash orange lights Ukiah CA

August 15, 2017

Latest UFO Sighting Orb over Ukiak CA 8_14_17

1. My wife and I were sitting outside on our outside deck after dinner. 
2. I heard a jet aircraft (Civilian) flying overhead, and looked up and saw the aircraft and then the unknown UFO. 
3. I thought it was another aircraft, but then it moved and stopped overhead, and then move again, blinking or flashing the orange sunset. 
4. The UFO was a discoloration (gray color) spot in the sky, with one and or or two bright orange round lights alternately, reflections or flashing in the sunset, I assume. 
5. I could clearly see the civilian jet (white in color) as it flew off and this unknown UFO that wasn't behaving anything like a normal aircraft. The jet moved off to the south west, and the unknown UFO remained in place, moving around slightly. 
6. I attempted to get my wife to see the UFO, but she could not find it in the sky (looking in the wrong spot)and was frustrated. I observed the UFO Sighting for several minutes as it moved around slightly, and flashed one or two round orange lights. This appeared to be at high attitude. After several minutes of observation, 2-3 minutes, I ran into the house to get my Binoculars which were handy (10 -20 seconds away), but when I came out, the UFO was no longer visible, and never reappeared for the next 40 minutes or so. mufon cms# 85938 UFO Sighting occurred on August 14 2017 over Ukiah California.

H-Shaped UFO Sighting reported 8/12/17 Maple Ridge BC CA. Photo

August 14, 2017

H Shaped UFO Sighting reported 8-12-17 BC CA

UFO Sighting Report 8/12/17: We where having a neighborhood BBQ, sitting an the balcony socializing ( 7 people in total) when Colin noticed a strange looking UFO light in the sky. We all where talking about it because it never moved. It just hovered. We also noticed 5 very faint UFO orb type light that moved around the larger UFO very rapidly. In the blink of they eye they changed directions. We eventually got some binoculars and got a better view. Colin got his camera with a 300 ml zoom and started taking pictures. Clouds started to move in but we where able witness a completely different UFO Sighting that approached this group. Through the camera lens the new UFO Sighting appeared triangular like a stealth bomber. On approach the orbs got more active but the strange larger UFO never moved. The clouds eventually thickened and the view of the UFOs was lost. In total it was roughly an hour long incident. mufon cms# 85893  This UFO Sighting took place of Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada on 8/12/17 the UFO photo appears to be an H-Shaped craft the same as which was reported over Nottingham GB on 8/13/17 see UFO Signs website for UFO report.

Two faintly visible star-like UFOs sighted over Olathe KS U.S.

August 13, 2017

Star like UFO Sighting report Olathe KS U.S. 8/12/17

UFO Sightings Report: I went in the back yard of my house in Olathe, KS around 9:40 p.m., Saturday night, August 12th, in hope of seeing a meteor during the Perseid Meteor Shower. After staring in the NE sky for a short while, I saw a brief bright white flash about the size of a planet. Afterward, I could faintly see two star-like UFOs. After a few seconds they disappeared. However, approximately 30 seconds later there was another brief bright flash in the same location. Once again I could faintly discern two star-like UFOs. Suddenly, one of the UFOs accelerated to an incredible speed and disappeared from view to the SW behind a tree in my yard. Approximately 45 seconds later, the second UFO began moving slowly to the north. It slowly made a counter-clockwise U-turn then also accelerated an incredible rate of speed to the SW and also disappeared in less than a second. 

I can't estimate the height of the UFOs but they were high--at least 10,000 feet or more. Their speed was incredible--10 times faster than any meteor/meteoroid or conventional aircraft I've ever seen in my life. While it's just a guess, based on their estimated height and distance, they had to have gone from zero to around 5,000 mph in a millisecond. They went so fast they became a streak across the sky. 

I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. My first reaction was awe, the second wonderment as to who/what could be piloting these UFOs, and the third was fear. I hoped they weren't aware of me but some reason felt they were. I was shaken by the experience. 

I have been a MUFON Field Investigator (#19371) since 2011. cms#85886

UFO Sighting Encounter And Experience With My Father In The Early 1960's

August 11, 2017

Hopewell NJ 1963 UFO Sighting over Barn

In the early 1960's when I was just a little boy I had a UFO Sighting experienced, a cube shaped UFO hovering over a barn in Hopewell NJ as we were driving home to Ewing Township from the Flemington Fair. This UFO had flashing and pulsing lights on it and round portholes (Windows) In the center. It was so close to the side of the road I could have thrown a rock at it and maybe hit it! When we drove by this cube shaped UFO I totally lost my ability to move and talk until we got home. My father was driving and he stopped talking and drove home without saying a word like a freaken zombie. He never saw it or remembered seeing it. When we got home I burst out crying! Not because I saw this UFO but because I could not talk or move for Aprox. 30 minutes. My mom started yelling at my dad saying what did you do to him to make him hysterical? He really could not remember a thing and he only snapped out of it after arriving home as I did! Anyway I never even heard of UFO's when I was that young but afterwards it didn't take long to put 2+2 together and I have been a believer ever since! This is my story and I swear on my life that it is 100 percent true and every time I re-think this experience I get major shivers all the way up my spine! mufon cms# 85826

UFO Sightings above Limerick Nuclear Power Plant PA

August 10, 2017

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant UFO Sightings 2016

I work for a defense contractor in the Reading area. My boss told me that one evening while there were scattered clouds he heard a loud propeller sounding noise and through the broken cloud light he could see 5 predator-like drones flying in a chevron formation making the approach to I believe heritage Field a private airstrip. He called his close friend that is high up at Limerick and asked him had he heard anything about it. His friend told him off the record that these have been brought in by the military to monitor 24 hours a day, the influx of UFO Sightings in the restricted airspace around Limerick. He told him the UFO's are not military and have been a concern so much that the government is spending serious resources on what is hovering over the site. There is a military base near (within 50 miles I believe) the power plant and any attempt they have made to observe or chase the UFO Sightings has been futile. The date I have posted is approximate because as far as I know the drones may still be in the area The time I listed is the time the drones arrived but the UFO Sightings were almost nightly and lasted through out the night. mufon cms# 85806 This UFO Sighting incident occurred on 12/15/2016 & reported on 8/10/17

Black UFO Disc hoovered in front of national guard transport bus in mojave desert

August 8, 2017

Black Saucer Disk UFO Sighting reported Mojave CA 6-12-12

UFO Sighting report occurred on June 12 2012: I was a bus driver, under a department of defense contractor, moving national guardsmen out from Barstow National Training Center to Placerville California. This is the first time I ever remember seeing the Black Saucer Disc UFO, that I had seen subsequently, in other encounters. 

Saturday 5am. Staged busses at Barstow National training Center. I Was approached again by DOD inspector, wanting to see me again, and inspected the interior of the bus again, just after last night he requested the same ting, but didn't search any other of the 4 busses or drivers. It made me feel I had some kind of record with the department of defense and was some kind of security risk. 

6:30 am. While loading National guardsmen, one was saying how he was going to hit my buckteeth down my throat with a rifle butt and screw me in the ass in the back of the buss and cut my longhair off...this went on until we left at 7 am. 
The Sargent that sat on passenger side of buss, in front, asked if it bothered me, I said No. They were training for riot control simulation for Los Angles riot control, and this guy was rabid and hyped up, but no threat to me. 

At about 8am, crossing over 395 junction going into Mojave, Ca. a Black L, appeared in my peripheral vision to my left. It blocked my vision out the left side of the bus doors and mirror, I looked and then suddenly a black disc UFO Sighting emerged from the front of the bus, and hovered on the Right side about 4 feet in diameter and 8 feet in front, just sitting there, on the front left side. 

I looked to the Sargent and he was asleep, I looked in the interior mirror of the coach and all national guardsmen were asleep, as normal for these trips. The UFO disc started moving slowly from the Right side of the road over to the Left. I was going governor speed 65mph, and kept watching road, speed and thinking, if I could wake the Sargent up... 

The UFO disk made it to the Left side of the road bed now and started hovering about a foot off the ground and back the to right, when it was directly in front , I tried to say something to the Sargent, but it felt easier not to say anything. The black UFO disk then hovered back to the left side where it started and I looked at my speedometer and back to where the disc was, and it was gone. mufon cms# 85728

We did not actually see the UFO Photo with our naked eyes CO.U.S.

August 8, 2017

UFO Photo Sighting Golden CO 8417

UFO Photo taken on On 8/4/17 my husband and his son had just finished the Coors factory tour in Golden, CO. I had returned from our hotel to pick them up. We admired the butte formation behind the Coors factory and we took a picture of the butte. It was about 5pm. We did not see any unusual activity. We were just admiring the butte, which we do not have in Virginia. So, we took pictures of the butte with three different phones. This is the photo that showed up on my husband's phone. The pictures on my cell phone and my stepson's phone did not have any unusual UFO craft in them. We did not see any UFO craft at the time, or anything out of the ordinary. We did not notice any unusual activity. We were just admiring the natural landscape. We felt fine, normal, calm. My husband and my stepson had had 3 complimentary beers each after the tour. I did not have anything to drink myself. After this we went and ate dinner in Golden, CO. The first time I noticed the UFO/craft was yesterday (8/6/17) when I was looking at the pictures my husband had taken with his phone so I could copy the ones I liked. Notice that at the base of the photo in the mid-ground there seem to be power lines. mufon cms# 85731 UFO Photo was taken over Colorado U.S. on August 4th 2017. 

UFO was translucent and about 15 airplanes wide Aug 5 2017 Manhattan NY

August 6, 2017

UFO Sighting report Manhattan 8-5-17

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: I was on the rooftop of my apartment building on the lower east side of Manhattan when I stopped meditating to observe the airplanes noisily passing above my head. I was looking west and I noticed two planes crossing paths, one north and one south, at different altitudes/distances. This is when I noticed a translucent UFO making maneuvers beyond the planes (what seemed like Hoboken New Jersey). The pattern of the maneuvers (I witnessed it loop around horizontally, then upwards in a diagonal direction toward where I was on the east side of Manhattan) at first made me assume that this must be an eagle. After catching myself mid-thought, and realizing that there is no way an eagle could appear so big from so far away (for it out sized the planes which were at a much closer distance) and it moved with such abrupt acrobatics and with such great speed, along with the fact that this UFO Sighting was not flapping wings or making bird like movements, I automatically assumed I was seeing things and maybe it was an eye floater I was following (because of the translucent nature/size/speed of the UFO seemed incomprehensible to rationalize it as being any man made plane that I have ever seen or heard of before. So I quickly moved my eyes around and saw the floaters move but the UFO continued on its path. At this moment (about 12 seconds into the UFO Sighting) after the UFO Sighting made its upwards diagonal climb (It climbed what seemed to be 1,000 feet in a matter of a few seconds, and it began to head towards me, it went behind a cloud. This cloud stretched from the West side of Manhattan and ended just above where I was on my roof. I said to myself "I will look above at the exit point where I would assume if something was flying, it would come out and continue its path." Expecting at least 20 seconds to pass by before I would (maybe) see the UFO again, for that was what seemed to be the rational assumption based on the speed I saw the object moving at, About 3 seconds later I witnessed the UFO come from behind the cloud and enter my view directly above me. It Had a Boomerang shape but was a bit straighter, I'd say it was more like a 165 degree angle. It was completely silent, and I was still thrown off into disbelief by the fact that it was translucent yet I could completely make out the shape. I could only see the outline of the UFO because it appeared to be a little blurred on the edges and I could make out 5 distinct circular spots on the bottom of it (these spots were equally dispersed along the "wings" -2 on each wing and 1 in the middle, and they had no distinct color except the fact that they were a little bit blurred round the edges in the same way the edges of the entire UFO was.) Once the UFO was in view over my head, I probably witnessed it for about 7 seconds. After crossing over the eastern part of Manhattan it flew behind another cloud that was over what had to be Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This was the last I saw of the UFO. At first I thought it was flying seemingly slow, low to the city, and that it wasn't that big. Then 10 seconds later another plane passed over head near the flight path of this UFO and I realized then that the UFO was thousands of feet higher in altitude than the plane, at least 20 times bigger than the plane, and moving at a speed that made the planes speed seem like a snail. At this point in time I called my father to tell him what I saw and he asked me why I didn't record or take a picture. Well, I was completely in disbelief of what I was witnessing, and the event happened entirely to quickly for me to be able to understand what I was actually witnessing. AND to be completely honest, due to the translucent nature and speed of this UFO I do not believe that a camera would have captured an adequate video that would have interpreted the UFO accurately. mufon cms# 85682 UFO Sighting occurred on Aug.5th 2017 area Manhattan New York

Ouija Board UFO Alien Contact Made

August 6, 2017

Ouija board contact alien ufos

Bret Colin Sheppard‎ // Ilona Podhrázská

“Ouija board sessions.” According to Vance Davis, the Ouija board put the six soldiers in touch with an entity that named herself Safire, and others. Also this use of a Ouija board was taught at Fort Mead. Vance told me on the phone that it wasn't religious in nature so whoever wrote the article tried to make them look foolish and religious. This was not the truth. The contact was with ET's. Between December 1989 and July 1990, the Ouija-summoned ET's gave the group a series of predictions of coming world events which, Davis claims, were passed along to military authorities upon their arrest, together with the copious notes that were taken by the group during the eight Ouija sessions. This at least suggests that the story was true and not fabricated by the group upon their arrest: they could provide documents that Ouija sessions were at the basis of their obsession to arrive in Florida. source Ilona Podhrázská

Close UFO Encounters about 5% of Worldwide UFO Sightings are real

August 6, 2017

UFO Sightings reports 2017 logo

“According to an official statement by Belgian General Wilfried de Brouwer, one of the UFOs increased its speed from 240 kilometers an hour to 1,770 in a matter of just two seconds,” Tarek noted. “Only about 5 percent of all UFO sightings worldwide can be termed UFO sightings because these flying objects are never identified. The remaining 95 percent turn out to be planes, satellites, meteorites or space junk, However, the remaining 5 percent are unidentified, and this is really fascinating,” credit Frank Stalter 

Disk Shape UFO sighting reported 8-1-17 Piscataway NJ

August 5, 2017

Disk Shape UFO sighting reported 8-1-17 Piscataway NJ

Fast moving UFO craft seen on clear day in sky

I was driving home from work on a local road near old Camp Kilmer in Edison, when I noticed a fast moving UFO Sighting high in the sky. The time was approximately 5:40 p.m., the weather was sunny and the sky had large, fluffy clouds. The UFO moved very fast, looked disk shaped with a dome, and was a bright, white metallic color. The speed and movement didn't seem like a plane. It flew very smooth and faster than any plane I've seen. I did not see any aircraft wings or blades like on a helicopter. I continued watching it fly northeast for about a minute, while still trying to pay attention to the road. I couldn't stop looking at it as it just seemed so strange and fascinated me.
I wanted to try to take a picture but could not safely pull to side of road. Incident happened quickly and not enough time to get phone and take photo. source nuforc.org

Spike in latest UFO Sightings reported 2017 over Connecticut

August 4, 2017

4-D Saucer shape UFO Sightings 2016

"Flew extremely low overhead," wrote the reporter."Silent UFO craft, absolutely no noise. Single red/pink light on UFO craft. Moved from East to West. Passed over my dad's house & the neighbor's house across the street while releasing 4 small red balls of light that turned & disappeared before hitting the ground. They looked like firework embers, the way the died out. & the UFO disappeared behind the trees"credit Frank Stalter Spike in UFO Sightings reports over Connecticut

Watching ISS app and 2 UFOs were seen for a minute photo

August 3, 2017

ISS Space Station UFO SIghting 8-3-17

UFO Sighting report: I was watching tv this morning and noticed they were showing photos from the ISS and I thought I would have a look myself on an app on my iPhone and when I opened live camera image there were two UFOs and at first I thought camera reflection. I decided to take photos in that minute they where seen and then the camera started to play up and a new image appeared without the UFOs. I sent the UFO photos to my sister and now here I am telling you. mufon cms# 85595 UFO Photo submitted from Adelaide AU on 8-3-17

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