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UFO Sighting reported to move and would then flash orange lights Ukiah CA

August 15, 2017

Latest UFO Sighting Orb over Ukiak CA 8_14_17

1. My wife and I were sitting outside on our outside deck after dinner. 
2. I heard a jet aircraft (Civilian) flying overhead, and looked up and saw the aircraft and then the unknown UFO. 
3. I thought it was another aircraft, but then it moved and stopped overhead, and then move again, blinking or flashing the oran…

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H-Shaped UFO Sighting reported 8/12/17 Maple Ridge BC CA. Photo

August 14, 2017

H Shaped UFO Sighting reported 8-12-17 BC CA

UFO Sighting Report 8/12/17: We where having a neighborhood BBQ, sitting an the balcony socializing ( 7 people in total) when Colin noticed a strange looking UFO light in the sky. We all where talking about it because it never moved. It just hovered. We also noticed 5 very faint UFO orb type light that moved around the …

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