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UFO Disk breaks up over Ferrum VA into 40-50 different UFOs

June 27, 2017

Disk Shaped UFO Sighting reported over Ferrum VA 6-18-17

UFO Sighting occurred on June 18th 2017 over Ferrum VA. UFO Report reads as follows: I sighted what I first thought to be a star at 7:00 pm, but when I looked through my scope, I seen a circular UFO disk moving NW TO SE direction for 40 minutes with other UFOs coming from the large disk UFO underneath & from the rear th…

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Strange UFO Sighting reported while waiting at the drive thru Moorpark CA

June 26, 2017

waiting at the drive thru UFO Sighting reported June 2017

UFO Sighting reported 6/25/17 over Moorpark CA: Sitting in drive thru line, just appeared in my sight line, Looking right at it, my eyes hurt to look at it, it is using some kind of neural confusion it was like trying to look at a needle coming at your eye. It gave off some type of electrical interference, and seemed to…

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