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The hot spots for alien visitors appears quite interesting. The numbers as crunched by Kaggle, also show that the majority of sightings take place on a Saturday, and the most common time of day is 9-11pm. It also shows that July-January is UFO Sighting season in the United States. The data also reveals that more and more have been reported since 2009 - perhaps suggesting a new interstellar bypass has been built that brings alien aircraft closer to Earth. credit Frank Stalter.…

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Oval Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Florida U.S.

The UFO Sighting was observed by both husband and wife at 12:24 am on 11/22/2020 utilizing brand binoculars Hammer & Axe 7x50 outdoor UV binoculars recently purchased new. Husband observed the UFO Sighting first and then confirmed sighting by asking wife to look up in the sky in an eastward direction and describe using the binoculars what she was observing. Both husband and wife described the UFO Sighting and its darting unpredictable and amazingly fast changes in direction …

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Latest UFO Sighting Pulsating Glowing Disk Ohio

On Saturday evening 11/07/2020 @ 6:44pm EST I observed a UFO Pulsating Disk about 30 degrees coming from the east moving west. It had no beacon lights, white , red or green. UFO Sighting was moving about 200 knots about 4-5 thousand foot up. Eventually stopped over my neighbor & I. We had a campfire going and it seemed to hover over us. It then sped up back to about 200 knots then flew off at a tremendous speed into nowhere. My neighbor and his wife also witnessed the UFO…

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NYUFO Mission is to Publicly Research the UFO Sighting Enigma

There are many intentional UFO Sightings forgeries. Other physical evidence such as falling debris from the sky or crashed UFOs have turned out also to be terrestrial in nature and forgeries. From mistaken terrestrial phenomena to personal gain to misleading the facts of UFO Sightings. The Unidentified Flying Object phenomena has been denied and not taken seriously by the majority of the general public and the main stream media.

Their are many cases where citizens without seeking publicity or personal gain have had sightings of bizarre aerial lights and or UFOs displaying non-conventional maneuvers who have come forward and reported their experience.

Once a person has had an encounter with something totally Bizarre, beyond every day reality, the experience is truly an awe inspiring experienced moment. To further enhance an encounter our mind tries to discern between terrestrial or extraterrestrial in nature trying to distinguish between Science Fiction from Modern Technology. When failing to recognize and analyze such an Enigma we seek and search for answers.

Our approach to this subject we must look beyond the dogma belief views and consensus reality and face this Enigma freshly with personal objectiveness flavored with some skepticism. WE must always strive to create a balance between UFO Facts & Fiction.

NYUFO believes by Publicly Researching this Phenomena we can bring this Enigma to the forefront of Public Awareness. To better understand this phenomena please share your sighting with us. Your Privacy is the utmost important goal in our search for the truth, so please you can either Publicly or Privately Submit your UFO Sighting report by using our Application.

As a Non Profit website we are not interested in collecting user information nor selling such information.  We would only appreciate if you would, to share any personal experience that you may have regarding a UFO/ET encounter. Thank You.