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Cape Girardeau Flying Saucer UFO Crash 1941

Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The April 12, 1941 Cape Girardeau crash/retrieval story (the reported crash actually having occurred most nearest to Chaffee and Rockview, Missouri) mirrors other similar "alien visitation" stories that have surfaced over the decades (such as Roswell), but predates them…

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The Hynek Scale UFO Sightings Encounter Classification System

UFO Sightings protocol
Also called the Close Encounter classification system, the Hynek scale is named after American astronomer and ufologist J. Allen Hynek. The classification was first introduced in his 1972 book  The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry (available here in PDF)

Nocturnal Ligh…

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Head to the High Desert for the Best UFO Sightings

Head to the High Desert for the Best UFO Sightings

What people don’t know is that when they come to Joshua Tree, and this area, it sits in a very auspicious position of the earth. It sits on the 33rd North parallel and so does Roswell. If you do the research behind the 33rd North parallel, you find the energy has the most UFO…

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Cash Landrum 1980 Close Encounter UFO Sighting Incident video

Cash Landrum 1980 Close Encounter UFO Sighting Incident

One Of the Most Important UFO Cases in History the Cash Landrum 1980 Close Encounter UFO Sighting Incident. The UFO object, intensely bright and a dull metallic silver, was shaped like a huge upright diamond, about the size of the Dayton water tower, with its top and bottom cut off so that they …

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The April 7,1967 Opa-Locka Miami Mass UFO Sighting

Opa-Locka Miami Mass UFO Sighting April 7 1967

Opa-Locka (Miami), Florida. On the morning of April 7, 1967 over 200 students and staff at Crestview Elementary School in Opa-Locka, Florida (a city located in Miami-Dade) observed a UFO silver/metallic oval-shaped "flying saucer" in the sky behind the school during recess. Witnesses, a number o…

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INVISIBLE UFOs How do you detect one?

Invisible UFO Sightings

The 405 Freeway in LA is one of the busiest highways on the planet. It cuts through the Santa Monica Mountains like a knife through butter. It’s a science fiction driving experience there with 11 other lanes of traffic around you. My friend Paul is an experiencer that has been my volunteer writi…

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UFO Sightings Video caught in the Southern Valley of Las Vegas 2017

Steven Barone caught this UFO Video in the Southern Valley of Las Vegas and a pair of UFOs caught over in Henderson near the River Mountain Water Treatment Facility. Steven shot this video from his backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of April 4, 2017.

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UFO Sightings & Secret Alien Base Reports surface in declassified docs.

UFO Sighting Black Object 1952 Montana

Sept. 1 , 1952, Yaak, Montana. 4:45 a.m: Two USAF enlisted men, and three men using AN/FPS-3 radar set. Report visually sighting two small, varicolored lights becoming black silhouette UFOs at dawn, and flying erratically for one hour. The crew at the radar station saw a, “da…

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Washington D.C. UFO Sightings 1952 video

Washington D.C. UFO Sightings 1952

A Relatively balanced 13-minute video presentation of the July 1952 Washington, DC UFO incidents. It had an unprecedented effect, making headlines, and had President Truman himself wanting answers. credit Curt Collins: As hard as it is to imagine now, there was once a time when UFOs were given s…

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What did crash in the Kecksburg PA woods UFO Military?

In December, 1965 an acorn shaped metallic UFO machine crashed in Kecksburg PA. The UFO was quickly removed and the story covered up.

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Brooksville Florida 60's-70's was UFO Sightings Capital of the World

John Reeves Brooksville FL UFO Sightings

Near where the Western Way Plaza now sits, in Brooksville, there was a replica UFO. It was built by John Reeves who reported that he frequently had UFO Sightings in that area. He enjoyed taking walks through the sandy pine covered area around his home. He reported that on March 2, 19…

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UFO News Iranian Air force Defense Fires heavily at many UFOs 1/17/17

Iranian Jet fire at UFOs 1_17_17

Iranian Air Force Defense started shooting heavily to many UFOs (17 Jan 2017 5 pm) 
At the center of Tehran enghelab square..1000s of people were seeing this unbelievable incident and many pictures and videos captured as I attached. After the shooting Many Air force Aircrafts started flying a…

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UFO Sightings Documenting The Evidence 2016

Paul Dean I have completed another blog post in an ongoing series which has studied US government documents related to the 1970s ''over flights'' of sensitive military bases. During this odd period in history, various unidentified objects and/or unusual phenomenon intru…

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Why the ’1978 Polish UFO Alien Encounter Is the Most Credible One Yet

On the morning of the 10th of May, 1978, a 71 year old farmer named Jan Wolski from Emilcin was the subject of a very long and clear UFO Alien Encounter.

Why the ’1978 Polish UFO Alien Encounter Is the Most Credible One Yet
Of course, non-believers were quick to search for reasons why this UFO Alien abduction, like any other, lacks cre…

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Why would UFO Intelligence “hoax” shooting star displays?

shooting star ufo sightings 2016

In the course of fieldwork sky-watchers, both in contact teams and by themselves, have observed bizarre visual displays of what appear to be shooting stars. These sightings are anomalous because ordinary meteors do not change direction in flight, do zigzags, fly upwards or even straight horizont…

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Coyne Helicopter UFO Sighting Incident 1973

 On October 18, 1973 over nearby Mansfield, Ohio, Flying in the skies east of Mansfield, Ohio (near Mifflin) at around 10:30 p.m., Army Reserve Captain Lawrence Coyne and the crew of his UH-1H helicopter nearly collided with a large, dark-gray, cigar-shaped UFO with red and white lights. After t…

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Major Donald Keyhoe UFO Sightings Evidence

Donald Edward Keyhoe was one of the most prominent people in the world of UFOs in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. His influence on ufology was great.What UFO crash story did Donald Keyhoe find credible? Asked about reports of crashed saucers and little bodies: "Yes, but nothing that cras…

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NORAD UFO Sightings Documenting The Evidence


NORAD and the UFO Sightings File Smokescreen.North American Aerospace Defense Command is charged with the missions of aerospace warning and aerospace control for North America. Aerospace warning includes the detection, validation, and warning of attack against North America whether by aircraft, …

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NASA releases full Apollo Mission Transcript revealing UFO Sightings

NASA releases UFO Sightings transcripts Apollo Luna
NASA Release FULL Apollo Mission Transcript That Reveals Something Hard To Accept  Full transcript of conversation on NASA website.One of the most fascinating documents comes from the FBI archive and indicates that UFO Sightings and Aliens were sighted on most of the…

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Mysterious UFO Sightings over parts of the Pittsburgh makes news

Pittsburgh CBS reports UFO Sightings
A mysterious object spotted in the skies over parts of the Pittsburgh area caused concern with the local residents.…PITTSBURGH.CBSLOCAL.COM|BY KDKA-TV | CBS PITTSBURGH  view UFO news video here

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