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Head to the High Desert for the Best UFO Sightings

April 9, 2017

Head to the High Desert for the Best UFO Sightings

What people don’t know is that when they come to Joshua Tree, and this area, it sits in a very auspicious position of the earth. It sits on the 33rd North parallel and so does Roswell. If you do the research behind the 33rd North parallel, you find the energy has the most UFO sightings. We’ve had UFO sightings all the time at Joshua Tree,” says Harris. “It was such a common occurrence. The local people actually made newspapers and newsletters and everybody would report their sightings. It was so normal. After the 70s it all stopped. It wasn’t until 2010 that it really started to pick up. People aren’t afraid to talk about it anymore. Head to the High Desert for the Best UFO Sightings  Last year, several thousand traveled to Joshua Tree, California to hear from world experts on all things extra-terrestrial. Among them, some 100 Contact in the Desert attendees actually saw UFOs. BLOG.CHRON.COM credit Frank Stalter

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