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UFO Hovering over Neighbors House reported Canada 22516

UFO Flying Saucer

I woke up in the middle of the night coughing. It woke up my husband and he asked me if I was OK. I answered "Yes I am ok,just coughing". I then went to use the washroom and decided to sit on the couch and opened the window just a crack to have a smoke. It was 3:48 am. While I was sitting there a flash of light came out of the corner of my eye so I looked out the window. I have no doubt there was a UFO above my neighbors house. That house is a bed and breakfast and very tall. The UFO was bigger than the house and hovering very low over the roof. It had a gold-ish light on it and was circular. I was stunned because I have never witnessed a obvious UFO before let alone one that close. I got an erie feeling and sort of felt frozen. My husband is always talking about aliens and UFO's and I love to listen but really was a non-believer. The object hovered over the house and a beam came down onto the house. Both motion lights on the house came on. I tired to see if I could see anything on the ground but could not. I looked at it for about another 30 seconds and then pondered a bit more wondering if I should wake my husband up to see it. I decided I would so I went into the room and whispered his name about 5 times and said I had seen a UFO outside. He finally woke enough to realize I was not joking and came to the window to look. No kidding it was gone (but the neighbours outdoor motion lights were still on. We watched for about another 15 minutes and it did not return so we went back to bed. My reaction to the entire situation is I am no longer a skeptic. This was right there so close before my eyes. I have no doubt in what it was. MUFON CMS # 74758

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