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THE SPACE PENGUINS OF TUSCUMBIA - On the cold morning of February 14, 1967

On the cold morning of February 14, 1967 - near Tuscumbia, Missouri - a rural farmer named Claude Edwards (aged 64) was starting his daily farming duties when he noticed something "strange" sitting in one of his fields. Edwards saw, to his shock and amazement, a large "grayish-green mushroom-like craft" that was perched atop a "tube-like shaft." As the farmer approached the weird vehicle he soon noticed "strange beings" - that can only be described as "green space penguins" - which were frenetically zipping around the base of the craft in a blur. As Edwards edged closer to the bizarre display, he found himself walking headlong into an "invisible wall" that was apparently protecting the ship (which he then estimated as measuring 18' long and 8' high with lighted "portholes" around it's base). Edwards then picked up some large rocks and hurled them at the saucer - only to observe that they bounced off the "force field" with no effect. The strange 3-foot-tall creatures then disappeared behind the "tube" and the vehicle began to rise, soon gaining altitude and zipping off towards the east. This unusual "Close Encounter of the Third Kind" was investigated by noted UFO researcher Ted Phillips who collected landing trace evidence that supported the bizarre account and found Edwards to be a credible witness. The "Space Penguins" case remains unsolved and is one of the more interesting encounters of high strangeness in the annals of UFO lore. credit Michael Huntington

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