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New York UFO Sightings Reports

In the Beginning of this Month of July 2020 their has been so far a total of five eyewitness UFO Sighting reports of strange Sphere's maneuvering in the skies over New York according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

7/1/20 Forest Hills Queens NY: One bright/reflective UFO Sighting moving NW to SE really high up. Not airplane shape.                                                  7/2/20 North Tondawanda NY: Out side in my Yard when I heard a jet.airliner over head On a clear starry night. Notice a bright star in the sky but after further examination it was moving. It took up a position right behind the airliner keeping pace and chasing the jet. Traveling north easterly direction. UFO Sighting never changed coarse but traveled in a straight line. Called Syracuse air guard phone was busy signal. Called Buffalo hot line and told my story to reporter. Also called 914th air guard and told them. Had to be tracked on radar and other people must have seen it on this clear starry night.                            7/4/20 Forest Hills Queens NY: Two bright UFOs - one Silver/ one Blue / walking on street looked up and noticed One reflective/bright sphere shape UFO Sighting moving from NW to SE. About 5 minutes later another Turquoise/ Blue bright UFO (sphere) appeared and then disappeared after 30 seconds. First UFO Sighting continued moving towards SE and faded away.                                                                                                                                7/4/20 Richmond Hill NY: Bright Orange light in Black Circular UFO. Seen twice first time was a 20 seconds. It came back around second time it was seen longer for about five minutes. My neighbors are lighting fire works all around, so it's not a firework and vehicle is at about 1,000 feet. Can't be a helicopter heard no motors. After a few minutes the bright orange light dimmed and the vehicle was out of site. I am located in the LaGuardia Airport flight path, so it the same height of a plane, but it seemed larger than jetliner.                                                                                                                                          7/5/20 Brooklyn NY: UFO Sighting observed at Prospect Park. At least 20 circular orbs (Spheres) were floating in the sky. Initially thought they were stars, but noticed they were moving. The orbs were floating up and out of the atmosphere; not linear. One separate object last to vanish was flashing. When I zoomed in with my camera, I noticed it was moving in a way that defied physics.

Spheres Orbs Color chart                                                                                                                                      



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