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Massive Translucent V-shaped UFO Reported

UFO Sighting was reported to have taken place over Wheat Ridge Colorado 12/08/20 report reads as follows. It was nearly dark out but still somewhat light 5:33 pm. I was outside and heard a Low Deep Humming Sound above me and I looked up and directly above me I saw a V-shaped object that was translucent and had a very very slight glow outline ( very subtle, just enough to see the entire shape clearly) and a series of cotton ball shaped clouds on the right side from the V-point to the tip. But it was moving at a consistent speed fairly slow speed. I was only able to see this UFO for a matter of maybe 20- 30 seconds before I could no longer see it in the sky. I don't know the degrees it was at. It was directly above me. I was in my hot tub and looking straight up at it and watched it move to the north out of sight. I was not able to take a photo as it was too dark for it to show on my phone. It was not visible long enough to be able to adjust the phone settings to show it in the semi dark sky. I have absolutely zero doubt what I saw. It was not an airplane or weather balloon or anything that I could ever explain away. I have never ever in my life seen anything like this other than in movies. It was like a cloaked V-shaped massive object. My backyard is roughly a 1/2 acre and it spanned the entire width of my yard width. It was probably at the height a helicopter would fly above me. Maybe even lower. It had no lights at all. Just a clear looking object with a white cloudlike outline and the cloud like side. If you were not looking close you would think its just a cloud going in the sky ( at a much much faster pace than a cloud would go) but if you looked directly at it you could see the full ship and outline. I am mind blown that I saw this. Still  reeling from it. so cool and so scary at the same time. mufon cms# 112643 Wheat Ridge Colorado U.S. 12/08/20 Region has had 2,635 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Black Triangle Shaped UFO

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