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Latest UFO Sighting Triangular shaped craft hovering above Strourport GB 1/14/17

I was coming back home in the car with family members when I spotted something hovering in the sky, At first I didn't make anything of it but then we got closer to it as we were driving and it seemed to have two bright white lights close together beaming with red and orange flashing lights on the right side with blue and orange flashing lights on the other. Three of us managed to look at the UFO and we could see it was a triangular shape, it seemed to have a ribbed effect underneath. I saw it for approx 2-3 minutes and then we turned down a different road only to see again but then it disappeared. I asked my family member to draw a quick sketch, this person is a non believer, knows nothing about UFO and came up with the drawing I have attached. If anybody else witnessed this UFO in the Stourport/Kidderminster area of Great Britain please comment about it. mufon cms# 81527

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