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UFO News A Rare George Adamski Interview

George Adamski UFO craft photo 1952

UFO News: In Flying Saucers Have Landed and on several other occasions Adamski and the other witnesses mention the presence of U.S. military aircraft who obviously observed the UFO space ships and what was happening on the ground. Both George Adamski and George Van Tassel later claimed to have been informed by Air Force pilots that the November 20, 1952 UFO contact was filmed from the air. If this information is correct some U.S. military intelligence group was aware of that Adamski was in contact with a group of UFO Alien visitors. Was this the reason he was later given a passport with special privileges and also held a U.S. Government Ordnance Department Card, allowing access to military bases and to certain restricted areas? To his Swiss co-worker Lou Zinsstag he once said: ”My heart is a graveyard of secrets”. 

A Rare George Adamski Interview, by Håkan Blomqvist.

"Meade Layne interviewing George Adamski and George Hunt Williamson regarding their UFO contact experience of November 20, 1952." credit Roger Glassel

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