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UFO Disclosure 2016 The Presence of UFO Alien Civilizations

May 28, 2016

UFO Disclosure 2016

UFO Disclosure 2016:If the UFO phenomenon is related to an "Alien" ET presence then both the so-called-aliens and the pinnacles of terrestrial power are not going to allow an open acknowledgement of this as fact. If advanced "Alien" ET civilizations are here then they likely view this planet as …

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Experincers Speak Enlightenment Expo Aug 26-27 2016

May 28, 2016

Experincers Speak Enlightenment Expo Aug 26-27 2016

UFO Disclosure 2016:A CONFERENCE BY EXPERIENCERS, FOR EXPERIENCERS. Experiencers Speak 2016 is an annual UFO conference created and organized by Starborn Support. We bring together people that have had encounters with other worldly beings. What makes Experiencers Speak different? The majority…

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UFO Alien Disclosure We Must Question Everything

May 12, 2016

UFO Sighting over English Farm

We need to take care over the so called UFO Alien Disclosure. We cannot trust one word from these lying and cheating political leaders who have led us into god knows how many false wars and utterly corrupt financial situations in the last 20 years let alone the last 120 years  What Hillary Cl…

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Campaign to end illegal UFO Secrecy

May 9, 2016

Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer announces "The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy" once and for all A campaign for the people, by the people. Dr. Steven Greer Announces "The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy"  The world is about to change and you can be a part of…

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Within Our Lifetimes we will know UFO Aliens exists

May 7, 2016

NASA UFO Disclosure 2016

THE world's population is being primed for an announcement that UFO Aliens have visited Earth after NASA hinted at new developments. World on the brink of UFO Disclosure by NASA   “We’re on the verge of things that people have wondered about for millennial. Within all of our lifetimes we’re going t…

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UFO Disclosure and the continuing debate 2016

May 6, 2016

UFO Dislosure 2016

When most self-proclaimed 'UFOlogists' speak of UFOs, a certain word is rarely far from their lips: "UFO Disclosure." UFOs And Disclosure: Re-framing The Debate That elusive announcement from officialdom "that we are under surveillance by a publicly unknown race of highly technical  intell…

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UFO Sightings Contact Protocol Dr.Greer

May 5, 2016

Notes from the Contact Underground: The Team is Organized, LA Fieldwork Begins.
Copyright 2003 Joseph Burkes MD edited 2014
At five in the afternoon on August 29, 1992, with a feeling of excited anticipation the CSETI workshop participants prepared for the night’s fieldwork. Over 40 of us, mostl…

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ET ALIEN UFO War Time Line Manipulation & Breakthrough UFO Revelations! 41816

April 18, 2016

ET ALIEN UFO War-Time Line Manipulation & Breakthrough UFO Revelations!

Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt as he welcomes back Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter Linda Moulton Howe in this revealing Part Two of The UFO Breakthrough interview. In this episode, they go even deeper to out…

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Are UFO Alien Sighting Contact Positive Negative or Neutral ?

April 17, 2016

UFO Alien Research Study FREE

ARE UFO Alien ET Sighting Contact POSITIVE NEGATIVE OR NEUTRAL? Radio Interview describing the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, FREE, Experiencer Research Study which is the world's first comprehensive multi-language academic study on individual…

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UFO Alien The Masters of Illusions 33116

March 31, 2016

UFO Alien Masters of Illusion

At some level it doesn't really matter whether some of the visions that we receive are our imaginations or represent actual communications. Sweet dreams of contact are a manifestation of benign intent on the human side of the equation and make contact more likely in a host of ways. UFO Intel…

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Combating Misinformation in the Study of UFOs 32116

March 21, 2016

UFO Cover-up

Darin Crapo is joined by Kyle Aloia from Dayton, Washington, USA on episode 4 of UFO Planet Extra. Kyle owns and operates the YouTube channel “UFO Proof” and operates the Google+ communities called “The Open-mind Skeptic” and “Let’s Talk About UFOs”. Kyle is known for being “The Angr…

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Full UFO Alien ET Disclosure Movie 3416

March 4, 2016
UFO Alien Disclosure
UFOTV® Accept no Imitations. (PLEASE VOTE THUMBS-UP!) Full Disclosure concerning UFO Sightings and Extraterrestrial Alien visitation remains a Top Secret issue among world However, an unofficial soft-sell, media campaign of g…

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Russian UFO ET Disclosure coming soon 22616

February 26, 2016

UFO Disclosure

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev disclosed that he has some secret files on human-looking aliens during a television interview. He candidly revealed that these extraterrestrials are covertly living on earth and claimed that he is in possession of two folders containing secret files about t…

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UFO Contact Creating a Belief System 22416

February 24, 2016

UFO Contact

If UFOs use encounters to create belief systems, is the scientific model the best paradigm to investigate the phenomenon?
J. Burkes MD

What if the intelligence behind UFOs is in the "belief business" as described by John Keel and certainly suggested by Dr Vallee? What if they stage interactions with u…

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CIA Classified 1950's Document UFO Aliens landing on Earth 22216

February 22, 2016
UFO Disclosure 2016
The real life X Files: CIA release former top secret documents about alien UFOs landing on earth  Extraterrestrials "Aliens" have Landed On Earth! We have KNOWN THAT at least 70 years. OPEN CONTACT WILL NOT END THE Truth Embargo. Only a Formal ‪#‎UFO Alien Disclosur…

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US Naval Officer Vows to Disclose UFO Files 21616

February 16, 2016

Lt Col Charles Halt UFO disclosue

A FORMER US Naval officer Lt. Col Charles Halt who claims his secrecy agreement with the American Government has expired is vowing to lift the lid on thousands of top-secret UFO "I'm not reporting a UFO sighting rathe…

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UFO Disclosure Draco Portal Gates Activated 21216

February 12, 2016

Hadra Cern

This is a live screen shot of HISTORY, or soon we will be HISTORY,...they've wanted to post this as long as they've been working & THIS IS THE FULL PARAMETERS,... source Sgt Daniel MacBolen Basic premise is the Hadron /Cern complex is being used to breach dimension, and create an access portal f…

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Latest UFO Alien Cutting Edge Research Jim Marrs 21116

February 11, 2016

Latest cutting edge research on UFOs, Remote Viewing, Stargates. Genetic Engineering and Alien DNA. 

Remote Viewing UFOs
Marrs reveals his 20 year investigation into the shadowy Black Ops world of Psychic Spies, Remote Viewers, UFO Encounters and Government Cover-ups of advanced technology reve…

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