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The Government's UFO Disclosure Plan with Grant Cameron 2017

UFO Alien Government Disclosure 2017

Grant Cameron presents an overview of the 50 odd stories that show the government has been doing a gradual disclosure for 70 years.

He will briefly talk about the 64 reasons the government may have that prevent a move to full disclosure and will speak on the 14 Magicians whose job it was to provide the UFO leaks and the 5 Messiahs who believed it was their role to bring UFO disclosure to the public.

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The government does not need to do "full disclosure". Nor do these UFO groups, some of which are so offbeat, they readily go off into the weeds. Only two things are really needed:

1. The Federal government needs to credibly remove the 'ridicule factor' from the study of UFOs.

2. The Federal government needs to fund a few research studies on "reactionless propulsion". (And the topic is specifically "reactionless propulsion" NOT "propellantless propulsion".

The scientific community will take care of the rest. And hopefully they will stick to science and technology topics.