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There was a tiny UFO ship with tiny people & robotic looking Alien in my bedroom

UFO Alien In Bedroom Texas

It was about 3 to 4 am I couldn't sleep as usual. I closed my eyes let me say this. I've, in the last couple of years realized that I have Spiritual gifts. So all it takes, usually is for me to close my eyes and I see many things. So normally, I kinda look at things and pray …

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Strange Signals from 234 stars could be Alien ET

Sloan Digital Sky Survey Alien ET Signals

Hypothesis that this signature must be the result of extraterrestrial intelligent life 234 distinct civilizations are beaming pulses of the same periodicity (roughly 1.65 picoseconds) toward the Earth.

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Project Blue Book file film of Alien interviewed in 1964

Extraordinary Project Blue Book file film of Alien interviewed in 1964. Subject was named 'EBE-3' and was held captive for 5 days. Subject disappeared from Government records on date of this event. This video is from MAJ 12 SO EBE 3 12. 9th JUNE 1964 PROJECT NO.220675 :LEAKED by Edward Snowden Augus…

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UFO Alien News I'm a Reptilian/Human Hybrid

nordic reptillian ufo alien

I've been in contact with Terrestrial "Aliens" since I was a child. It was weird lights and apparitions when I was younger.. Around the age of 18 it started turning into physical abductions at night and randomly seeing UFO crafts periodically. This carried on all throughout my life until the age…

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Jackie Gleason Entertainer Had Witnessed UFO Alien Wreckage

Jackie Gleason UFO Alien Contact
We drove to the very far end of the base in a segregated area, finally stopping near a well-guarded building. There were a number of labs we passed through first before we entered a section where Nixon pointed out what he said was the wreckage from a flying saucer UFO, en…

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Alien art

See how over 1,500 participants responded to the following questions relating to SPIRITUALITY and the SPIRIT WORLD from our Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation Experiencer Research Study. Questions on: Reincarnation, Past Lifes, OBEs, NDEs, the Spirit World, Medical Healings, the Paranormal, Expa…

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NASA Covering up for the Alien Agenda?

NASA Hiding UFO Sighting Information

Is NASA covering up for the Aliens Agenda? Rumors fly after video feed on the International Space Station cuts out at critical time.A 2012 National Geographic poll indicated that approximately 80 million Americans, or 36 percent of the country, believe that UFOs exist. More shockingly, a whopp…

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Actor Russell Crowe UFO Alien Picture Sydney Harbor Fake?

Russell Crowe UFO Alien Picture Sydney Harbor

David Telfer UFO Alien Implant xray

When Russell Crowe released two pictures of a UFO he took from his home on Wooloomooloo wharf on Sydney harbor, he was criticized all over the world with people suggesting that he photographed a yacht sailing past his house. After seeing my first ET-Alien UFO craft from about 8 blocks away f…

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New #UFO #Alien #Abduction Movie Just Premiered 7/15/16

Published on Jul 18, 2016

On October 11, 2002, an encounter took place in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California that would forever change the lives of those involved. This documentary premiered on July 15, 2016. . Three friends begin a camping trip in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. W…

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Nazi UFO Secrets Reveal Base 211

Nazi UFO Bases South pole
During the Second World War, the Nazi’s carried out a number of strange experiments with alleged UFO technologies unknown to the rest of the world in their attempt to rule the world through military designed UFOs and other advanced technology.  7TALES.NET   The Nazi …

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UFO Alien Time Synchronicities 1-11-11-11-2-22-3-33-4-44-

UFO Aliens Time Travelers

As inter-dimensional Alien creatures who travel in UFO machines through time slips and who manipulate time itself, their psychic prod to nudge our awareness towards such synchronous time numbers,seeking to disorientate us,to raise unanswerable questions that loom and dissipate, and to satisf…

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Was the Roswell UFO Incident part of a Masquerade of Aliens?

Roswell UFO Sightings Newspaper Report

I just read an interesting speculative analysis suggesting that it really was a weather balloon that crashed outside of Roswell and that the US Army then hoaxed an alleged ET connection as part of some kind of psi-warfare operation. What if the incident was not faked by US military forces but ra…

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First Repcon 2016 conference Video focuses on Reptilian Aliens

Held at the Fusiliers Museum, Bury, north Manchester, England May 29th 2016 So they had Simon Parkes, whom I caught for an interview. The rest of the excellent speakers were recorded, so do support RepCon 2016 by going to their website dontmentionthereptilians.com which is also an excellent do…

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Wish Dream of an UFO Alien Rescue Hypothesis

The Challenge of Flying Saucers Involves Saving our Civilization Without Science or Religion. J. Burkes MD

Earlier this year in a posting on FB I suggested that UFO intelligence was not only totally telepathic, but also capable of monitoring communications on social media. In a light-hearted way …

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M.C. Escher Alien Contact possibilities 1935 The Dream

Escher's work explored impossible layouts implying extra dimensional space,Alien Contact and other conundrums.The Dream (Mantis Religiosa) shows a fallen bishop stretched on a catafalque as a huge otherworldly praying mantis stands on his chest (the whole work is a sort of pun on the mantis’ taxon…

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Evidence of Advanced Alien Superstructure KIC8462852

Alien Super Structure KIC 8462852

Professor Michio Kaku: "This Has To Be An Alien Super Structure!" A top professor believes that we have definitely found evidence of an advanced alien superstructure! KIC 8462852 (pictured), located 1480 light-years away, and has produced a series of bizarre light fluctuations researchers have…

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The ORDER We are part of a symbiotic relationship with Alien Gods

Garden of Eden experiment created, monitored and manipulated 
by Other Intelligences past and present. Illustration © 1984 
by Debbie Pagliughi and Beau Peterson, The Order. “We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extra-terrestrial invasion so as …

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Witness Confesses Working with Aliens at Secret Facility

Bill Uhouse, then a 71 year old man, claimed to have been a Area 51 engineer and revealed that he use to work in collaboration with a Grey Alien at the Area 51 site. Bill Uhouse claimed to have worked with an alien he dubbed “J-Rod” who helped him in understanding how to control the alien vehicle. B…

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My Life Long UFO Alien Contact Experience Confession Video

"What ever this phenomena is, it moves in and out of the reality that we're familiar with"

Mind control is often associated with UFO Alien abduction experiences. That’s not to say that these UFO Alien Contact experiences are only happening in the mind. There is often a blurring of experience be…

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