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The April 7,1967 Opa-Locka Miami Mass UFO Sighting

Opa-Locka Miami Mass UFO Sighting April 7 1967

Opa-Locka (Miami), Florida. On the morning of April 7, 1967 over 200 students and staff at Crestview Elementary School in Opa-Locka, Florida (a city located in Miami-Dade) observed a UFO silver/metallic oval-shaped "flying saucer" in the sky behind the school during recess. Witnesses, a number of them teachers, described the scene as "chaotic" as excited students rushed towards the schoolyard fence to observe the strange hovering disc. After about ten minutes, the  was then alleged to have been seen to descend into a wooded area behind the school before rising again to disappear into the westward sky. The Opa-Locka School UFO Sighting, which was part of a larger localized UFO flap around Miami-Dade, was formally investigated by the leading UFO research organizations at the time (APRO and NICAP). Air Force Investigators, from nearby Homestead AFB, were also on site and conducted interviews. The mass UFO sighting was reported on in the Miami Herald, the Miami News, and other local newspapers - including the National Enquirer tabloid which was based in Lantana, Florida. The Air Force, within days of the publicized UFO Sightings encounter, announced that the unknown observations were likely misidentified military flares and conducted demonstrative flare drops to lessen public concern (a move that actually angered the community which was familiar with nearby military aviation activity). While considered a lesser-known case in UFO lore, comparative similarities to other more famous UFO Sightings events (the 1966 Westall School Encounter and the 1997 Phoenix Lights) are intriguing and make the Opa-Locka case worthy of further reconsideration. Michael Huntington - April, 2017.

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Your report covers less than 10% of this event, which appears to have been first tracked on radar coming South out of the Arctic Circle,down over Canada, continuing South over the US East coast and Eastern Florida, over Homestead and over Key West toward Cuba, where 2 Cuban Migs were sent up to investigate the expected intrusion of their air space, and that resulted in the lead aircraft being totally destroyed when it turned on it's weapon system.
Read the book "Unknown Down", as told by 2 of the original radar operators, Bill Schroeder and Dennis Force, that were actually tracking the crafts in "real time" in 1967, written by Jack Roth. There were two separate sets of crafts flying South over Florida in parallel patterns that appeared to be in a search mode. These search pattern flights continued intermittently for a few months, and were seen by hundreds of both military and civilian witnesses.