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Is Corporate America participating in UFO Alien Disclosure

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It looks like corporate America is participating in the gradual UFO disclosure of the reality of "UFOs" flying saucers. This 2-minute Hulu video discusses the challenges that intelligent life forms might have in trying to blast rockets off heavy exo-planets called super Earths.After a prosaic discussion of the topic, they end with a remarkable statement.These are just some of the theories floating around how UFO Aliens could overcome this problem of physics, and maybe they already have.And on the screen a flying saucer hovers briefly and then rapid accelerates into the distance.

It is important to acknowledge that the ruling elites, corporate, military and political, have a tiger by the tail. On one hand they must continue to keep a security lid on the secret back engineering projects of UFO technology that have been going on for decades. On the other hand, they can't control UFO intelligences that are staging sightings and psi mediated interactions with tens millions of people all over the world. In order to set the scene for profitable commercial applications of back engineered technology, they must continue to open up this topic to the general population. This might be one rationale for the what researcher Grant Cameron has described as the de facto policy of drip-drip-drip leaks put out by UFO investigators like Bill Moore, Dr. Greer and now Tom Delonge.

The pace of these confirmations is likely determined by a complex array of factors, both human and non-human. UFO Intelligences can at will ratchet up the level of Contact and the so-called authorities can't do much about it. So, they go with the flow and put out simple messages at the end of videos like this one telling us flying saucers could be real. And as millions of experiencer's and their supporters know, flying saucers are not only real, they are also really important.

https://www.yahoo.com/aliens-might-trapped-own-super-2141credit Dr.J.Burkes

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No formal "disclosure" is needed. The media and the governments just need to remove the ridicule factor from the subject of UFOs and the disclosure will take care of itself, especially if patents in the field of "propellant-less propulsion" are openly supported.

I have several times come to the conclusion that most all we need to know about UFOs has already been discovered and published. But it has been published in disconnected forms and is scattered all over. The pieces are right under our nose, but concealed in plain sight by being in a form that we do not recognize. It is especially unrecognizable to those people whose thinking has been entrained by a "Pavlovian educational system", or people who look only for the "right" (institutionally approved) answers. If you want a couple of examples, see my treatment of E = mc^2 and the gamma correction factor in Beyond Einstein: non-local physics. I could cite several more examples.

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