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UFO Alien Disclosure the Underlying Dilemma

Question: What’s Beneath Disclosure: Were We Lab Rats?
Is a vast government-military-intelligence laboratory program that involved citizens of the United States, without their consent, beneath the confusing 70 years of Ufology?
Are citizens used as subjects in "Alien" ET UFO scientific field lab experiments to see how we would react to "Alien" ET and UFOs? And if so, to what extent are citizens, as unknowing subjects, denied their civil and human rights in this process? Were we, as subjects, fed propaganda and lies and events—some deeply personal—in order to investigate how humans respond to the ET Presence? My observations lead me to answer, yes. Our government probably experimented with citizens around "Alien" ET and UFOs. And it was a vast multifaceted program. And all of this is theoretical. I have no FOIA. No Proof. But….

UFO Alien Disclosure
As an extraterrestrial experiencer since childhood, this is a challenging blog to write. In fact, I do not want…REBECCAHARDCASTLEWRIGHT.COM

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