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Witness reports Teardrop shape Luminous UFO Sighting 7-16-17 Blasdell New York

UFO Sighting Tear Drop Shape UFO drawing

UFO Sighting occurred on Sunday July 16th 2017 at approximately 9:30 p.m., I was headed north on Route 62 AKA South Park Avenue, in Blasdell New York. It was at this time I witnessed a UFO. I was in the passenger seat of a sedan being driven by a co-worker when I noticed something out of the periphery on my right side. I saw that it was a glowing, reddish-orangish-yellowish, teardrop shaped UFO. I was not able to make out any other details such as material or markings. UFO appeared almost as if it were on fire but without the flames. The vehicle I was in was headed north and the UFO Sighting appeared to be heading south, which initially gave the appearance that UFO was flying parallel and this caused me to lose sight of the UFO within approximately 2 to 3 seconds. I asked my co-worker if she thought that was a plane and she said in her opinion there was no way that it could be. Neither of us noticed or were able to hear any type of sound coming from the UFO. We did have both of the front windows down in the vehicle. I then asked her to pull into the parking lot of a retirement home so we could circle behind the UFO. Once we entered the parking lot we quickly regained a visual of the UFO and I began fumbling for my phone to capture a video. By the time I was able to get the video started the UFO was much farther away and it had completely changed its flight path to what appeared to be 90°. Again, still no noise. My co-worker and I just sat and watched as it slowly faded out of eyesight. mufon cms#85395 ATT: UFO photo above depicts a tear drop UFO drawing.

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