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Why would UFO Intelligence “hoax” shooting star displays?

Reflections on The Virtual Experience Hypothesis. Joseph Burkes MD 2018

UFO Sightings Shooting Stars

UFO News May 2018: In the course of fieldwork sky-watchers have observed bizarre visual displays of what appear to be shooting stars. These UFO sightings are anomalous because ordinary meteors do not change direction in flight, do zigzags, fly upwards or horizontally. I have suggested that these events might be part of the creation of illusion by non-human intelligence and can be categorized as part of a radical schema that I call the “Virtual Experience Theory” or VET for short.


In my judgment some of these visual displays use a kind of holographic type technology. At times, when observers are viewing the same section of sky, one may see “shooting stars” while another witness might not. If we reject the notion that this is merely an example of “inter-observer variation”, we can entertain more exciting possibilities. This would include the idea that such images, as say meteors and even what we call “structured craft,” are being projected directly into an individual witness’ neuro-sensory apparatus. But what would be the purpose of “hoaxing” meteor displays?


‪I believe that the purposes of contact work, i.e. following protocols in a group setting while in the field, are numerous. Having people working together in a team and correlating their findings in a supportive environment might be some kind of collective intelligence test for humanity. UFO intelligence might be teaching us a lesson about illusion as a way of getting us to “think outside the box.” They show us what on the surface looks like prosaic happenings. One might ask, “Shooting stars, what’s the big deal?” But then at times it is demonstrated that these shooting stars displays are linked to human consciousness as I explain next.‬


In November of 1994 I experienced this in very dramatic terms when doing flying saucer fieldwork in Joshua Tree National Monument. While camping out in the “back country” at the base of Queen Mountain, my co-worker saw three stereotypical shooting star displays. He described each as being identical in terms of location in the sky, brightness, length of trail, angle of descent and color. I on the other hand while viewing the same section of sky saw nothing. To our astonishment when my fellow contact worker asked that I be shown what he had just seen, not once, but three times in a row we saw the identical “shooting star” visual display. They reportedly matched his triad of sightings from just moments before.

Why would a non-human intelligence associated with the flying saucer phenomenon stage such encounters? Perhaps this is an exercise to help us understand bigger questions that have to do with the nature of reality.

In my opinion, they are not giving us simple ready-made explanations as to who they are and why they do what they do. My guess is that this is a way to challenge us to think through the implications of their mental technology. In other words, giving us the opportunity to figure it out for ourselves.


From the narratives of many contact experiences, it appears as if UFO Intelligence are promoting certain spiritual beliefs of established wisdom traditions. In both Zen and Hinduism much of the teachings relate to the concept of Maya, illusion. Showing us that things are not what they appear to be just might be a way of providing a kind of “hands on” spiritual teaching. ‬They are staging visual illusions as a way of encouraging us to see beyond illusion.


‪We are also being given a chance not only to think outside of the box, but also to learn perhaps that contact is not always about us. Those that are forever projecting human hostility on the alleged ETs, have responded to the “Virtual Experience” mechanisms as but another confirmation of “ET deceptiveness.” In my opinion the statement that, “They create illusions to deceive us” often comes from those that can’t imagine that the so-called “aliens” might as physical beings need to project illusions as a way of physically protecting themselves from attack. ‬After all a holographic visual display of a flying saucer can’t be shot down thus killing its crew.‬ Nor can a being who appears as a holographic-like-projection be bludgeoned to death during a close encounter.

I am suggesting that UFO intelligence actually might want us to go through these kinds of discussions as a way to determine if we are truly ready for more open contact. If the contact drama unfolding on a planetary scale is only about us, reflecting a kind of infantile self-centeredness, what are the chances that we will be able to successfully integrate into what is perhaps a larger spiritually evolved galactic/interdimensional community?

What if they are trying to teach us that something is “real” even when it is not “physical?” In other words, they are educating us about how mental phenomena are crucial in understanding the planetary wide contact drama that is unfolding. And I am not referring to back engineering telepathic technology in order to build psychic weapons. I am referring to the necessary realization of the interconnectedness that exists on a mental level between all intelligent conscious life in the universe. Or is that too much to ask of a human civilization that seems hell bent on self-destruction?

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