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When Ringing in the Ears is more than Tinnitus

In 1993 I traveled into the Volcanic Zone near Mexico City as part of a CSETI UFO investigation. While there I had a number of remarkable sightings. One night I witnessed a large silent triangular craft that signaled at our team. On another occasion in broad daylight at close range I saw a metallic disc with rectangular windows as it flew past three members of our contact team. 

When Ringing in the Ears is More than Tinnitus.
Joseph Burkes MD  “Each object produces a unique signature”


Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears is a common complaint associated with a wide range of ear disorders. Over the years I had occasionally experienced tinnitus, usually after hearing a very loud noise. The ringing never was very strong nor did it last long. In the clinic I had a small number of elderly patients that complained of tinnitus. Usually they had degenerative conditions of the inner ear.

In my four decades of internal medicine practice I have never encountered a person who told me that the ringing was brought on by a specific topic of discussion. As outrageous as it may seem, this is what happened to me when I returned from the Mexico. I actually heard a stereotypical ringing when talking about UFOs. By sharing this report I imagine that I join other UFO witnesses that have learned from personal experience an important aspect of how UFO intelligence communicates. And yet we have absolutely no proof that any communication has actually occurred.


When there were no calls coming in I had a chance to chat with my co-workers about what had happened in Mexico. To my utter surprise each time I spoke about UFOs I noticed a strange ringing in my ears. It was not like the tinnitus that I had experienced after noise exposure. Instead of being high pitched this anomalous ringing sound was low in pitch and very loud at first. After a few seconds however the volume dropped off considerably. Within a minute the ringing completely disappeared, only to recur immediately after I started up another conversation about flying saucers. In the course of a 24-hour shift I heard the stereotypical tinnitus about a dozen times, but never when speaking about any other subject.


I felt perfectly fine while this was taking place and was not suffering from any symptoms of ear pathology. There was no loss of hearing, no ear pain and no dizziness. According to my conventional medical training, tinnitus is a symptom linked to specific disease process. It is not supposed to occur with conversations about any particular subject nor be triggered by any kind of specific mental activity. Ringing in the ears is not considered by medical science to be some kind of auditory hallucination.

I had just spent a week travelling to Mexico and participating in an intense contact program. On several occasions I had been just a few hundred feet from what we believed were "Alien" ET spacecraft. During our contact work we had spent long hours in meditation in order to facilitate a kind of telepathic communication with UFO intelligence. Could the powerful consciousness link that we had established during fieldwork still be intact on my return to the States? Was my tinnitus serving as a kind of primitive communication between me and an unseen non-human intelligence?


From the UFO literature I knew that I was not the first flying saucer experiencer to describe tinnitus as being associated with close encounters. The ringing in my ears however was bizarrely associated with my talking about UFOs Fortunately this was not particularly bothersome. There was actually a kind of playful quality to the experience. In my opinion it was certainly less threatening than full blown mind-to-mind communication of a “voice in the head.” Perhaps a little ringing was the extent of what I was deemed “able to handle” by UFO intelligence.

Direct telepathic communication, another’s voice in one’s head I suppose can be quite intrusive. As it is considered to be a symptom of schizophrenia, I imagine that most contact experiencers would not want to openly discuss it. Accusations of their being insane would likely ensue.


My guess is that if an individual were selected by UFO intelligence to have direct telepathic communication, then a program of careful preparation would be required. I have met a few people who have claimed to have, or I strongly suspected that they had, direct telepathic communication with non-human intelligence. In each of these rare individuals there was evidence from their personal histories that they had indeed received an extensive program of psychic and spiritual training to allow them to deal with such high strangeness.

In my particular case after just a few weeks, the episodes of tinnitus linked to speaking about the UFO subject became less frequent and eventually stopped completely. Over the next few years only on very rare occasions did I hear ringing and it did not seem to have any particular communication significance. As I recall the symptom was pretty much absent for several years when it came back in a strikingly comical fashion.

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