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What's it's like to Hallucinate Tiny People in the night 31716

Star reporter David Bateman learns he has a syndrome related to vision loss that explains why he sees imaginary wee people in his room. It is estimated that about 1 in 20 people have had an alien abduction experience and many more who claim to have seen "tiny people" in their bedrooms at night. According to this Toronto Star newspaper article, it is just a common "syndrome related to vision loss", so turn off the lights and radio to ward them off and enjoy a good night's sleep, even if your feet are soiled though you took a bath before going to bed; notice unusual stains on your clothes and body, or are surprised to be wearing someone else's PJs (just some of the things shared with me by those who once claimed that they were taken away at night by these tiny people but are now convinced by their psychotherapists that they were just imaginative or lucid dreams. What it’s like to hallucinate tiny people in the night | Toronto Star THESTAR.COM credit Nikolaos Balaskas

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